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    Help interpret this INTENSE connection?

    Anyyyyyone :(
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    Help interpret this INTENSE connection?

    SHORT STORY: I finally saw him this Saturday. We just looked at each other, i couldnt interact because i was in a group and couldnt separate. Couldnt feel my legs anymore, trembling, i felt like i was floating, we kept on smiling to each other and looking as much as we could. I remember now and...
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    Please help me understand this synastry...?

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    Please help me understand this synastry...?

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    Please help me understand this synastry...?

    What can you say about us? Please.... I feel deep spiritual love for him.. but i dont know his intentions or what his role is Our composite I am blue, he is red
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    synastry chart opinion?

    I really cant tell if someone cheated on someone else based on a chart.... The chart shows the energy of a person. The person can use those energies in any way he wants to, that's why two people born in the same day are not the same. Someone can have a "cheater" aspect in his chart . Let's say...
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    Want to know WHO were you in a past life and WHEN?

    types of incarnations for every planet Sun - important men, kings, leader, Moon - important women, queens (female leaders in general) etc Mercury - intellectuals, thinkers, scientists, authors, mystics, magicians, alchemists etc Venus - artists, musicians, poets, actors, lovers , courtesans etc...
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    Want to know WHO were you in a past life and WHEN?

    Hello:) Past life astrology is obviously closely tied to our chart - that is a complex map made up of past experiences of OUR SOUL -us. Those experiences affect us in this current life and shape who we are. We have decided to work with those energies in this life. But how do you know exactly...
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    What are your experiences in the astral ? No judgements

    Hey from a fellow Neptune in 1st conjunct Mars :) Ever experienced sleep paralysis? Im beginning to think that the paralysis is an astral attack. It only happened to me in certain rooms, very often. While we are asleep, i think that us (the soul), stay close to the body while we have...
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    8th house sun: nothing is "taboo"

    My Sun is conjunct Pluto in sagittarius. Empty 8th It works out in many ways in my life, but regarding taboo..... yeah I found out about sex at a young age (8) on the internet. I kept looking and i wasnt disgusted, i was actually fascinated and enjoying it. It was so natural, nice and normal...
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    synastry chart opinion?

    I promised you before that i will be back, and i am now : ) Sorry There is a strong emotional bond between you and an intense and intimate emotional atmosphere. Both of you express strong needs but the response you get from her is not always the response you want. She tends to react to...
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    IC and Partner

    She has Moon in Leo just like me. She just isnt that profound when it comes to things. She can only judge by looks and cant go deep because she doesnt understand
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    IC and Partner

    I have a Taurus IC.... but my chart is 90% air and fire. I did not have significant relationships with Taurus people. Most of who i met lacked depth and i cant really stand that. I gave some very abstract and beautiful poems to my taurus friend but she didnt understood anything because it had...
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I leave Ace of Pentacles
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    newbie excited Aries here

    I cant reply a lot right now, but i will come back later on and add much more about your chart I just wanted to tell you now that no one really knows for sure when something specific will happen. You can change your destiny at any time by making good or bad choices. Its all about you, and your...
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    Burning during sleep paralysis

    The room thing. :( No one died before in the room that I experienced this. Two very dysfunctional people shared that room and I believe that all their negative energy took a form, or one of them has something stuck to them that found a home in their bedroom. Ive been sleeping there for a while...
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    What planets or signs are teeth?

    Uranus is the higher octave of mercury Mercury is intellect, mind, speech. Also writing. Thats why hands. Uranus is the awareness, the deep places of your brain Just like Venus being earthly love Neptune is the pure unconditional spiritual love Idk Real madrid was founded on 6 march, Pisces...
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    Psychiatry and Astrology

    In my eastern european country, we have an astrology university. You can get a degree that allows you to legally get money through it. In this way you can make your own "business" and start consulting people and offering astrology services. This mostly happens with older astrologers that already...