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    I have a hard time respecting authority

    Something interesting for you to think would be, was it this way all your life or it started at some point? Even if you had tendencies towards this vision, was this "theme" so important in your life in the past, I mean, not in your mind only, but in the realities that you were constrained to...
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    FREE Natal Chart Calculator and Interpretation Tool

    The best free calculator I know is from, but there's still limitations, like, you can't add Nakshatras, you can't choose your own Ayanamsha, and more importantly you can put only a limited amount of Asteroids / Extras, like around 20. I don't know any Free Chart(or paid?) that allows...
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    Conjunction in Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in the 5th house

    My interpretation of these would be as: Saturn - arduous, when we need to do effort and concentration, "heavy", dense, thick, strenuous Neptune - Impressive, impressions, get impressed, impress someone else, also being "exemplar", giving someone else an example, being impressed by good or...
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    Career in comedy/comedy writing?

    Not actually, it was just by your Mars in Bharani Nakshatra. I interpret Mars as "how we use force", which is pretty much the same as "which is our tatics", I mean, our tatics are the way we chose to use force. In your case, it would be very rule-oriented. Rules can be funny, like in Kafka, for...
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    Predictions for love, career, future?

    You see the world as full of responsibilities that you need to assume, you're always taking charge of things and being a bit bossy, specially on childhood that how it was. You are a very concentrated person, quite serious and you do effort. However, you have also a more light side of being...
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    Career in comedy/comedy writing?

    About what you asked specifically, comedy career, I don't have enough knowlegde to read such specifity. All I can say is that being born in Ceara is quite auspicious for this - as you probably already know, you were born in the right place. In my humble attempt to read, I see a person who sees...
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    The clockwork of Astrology

    "People don't know that when they are arrogant and skeptical against Astrology, they are basing, historically and episthemologically, their arrogance on this very argument." I wasn't reffering to yourself when I mentioned arrogance, I rather complimented you for the mention of this Hume...
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    The clockwork of Astrology

    Plotin stated that defying the results of astrology is, obviously, ridiculous; however, the way the astrologers described the phenomena "one planet starrying at each other", etc was absurd; the Planets were rather like letters showing the meaning of events. Symbolic and therefore synchronous...
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    The clockwork of Astrology

    I admire your chose of bringing the snooker argument. It's a keypoint in history of North European philosophy, as you probably know this argument per se inspired the 500 pages of "Critic of Pure Reason" of Kant. We could say, with dramaticism, that this snooker scene put an end on Astrology...
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    A few questions about the planets

    I think it's very difficult to understand what is a King if you never lived on a Monarchy. I never did. But I suppose I grasped a bit of it when reading War and Peace. It's a scene that appears on the first 300 pages - I can say because I confess to have only read the first 300 pages, not for...
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    The power of the fixed stars

    There are even faint and very far from the Zodiac (on declination) stars that are astrologically famous. I tend to use a very tight orb, around 0,01, but I include aspects - at least the square/opposition. I don't think Stars have "particular" effects as the planets, they rather express with...
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    The clockwork of Astrology

    It's good when metaphysics start. Synchronous how and why? I have a very abstract enigma that I couldn't solve. When we do astrology everything moves except the Natal Chart. Everything moves in time, the natal is fixed. If we want to know what happens now, we look at transits and progressions...
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    Obsessions in love might be related to the star Aldebaran However, depending on how we interpret this emotion, the star Dubhe might be the source
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    A few questions about the planets

    Think about Kings, the historical Kings. Are they usually portraied this way? Frequently Kings are even mocked by being apparently dull figures difficult to understand - even on Chess. The best of a King is having an undeciphrable and glorious Aura. The worst is being just slow and dull than...
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    A few questions about the planets

    About kingship, I interpreted Greek Mythology, under a comparative with others, on this way, Sun is the King of a traditional, old, respected Monarchy. It's glorious and celebrated, the responsibility over the Kingdom as a whole is at last upon Him, and on this sense he may have a strong power...
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    The clockwork of Astrology

    I wonder how astrology works for people - how they see it's background, it's clockwork. For me, when I started grasping into, it felt naturally to imagine a holistic metaphysic, every single thing around me would be appointed, described, ruled by the Astrological Map. Following the "as above...
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    about beauty I have a guess that beauty might be the depuration of a dream, and that Goddess Juno might be the ruler of it. There might be, however, many different things that we call "beautiful", even when it's not exactly the case; attractive, sweet, sublime, etc. "Beauty is the duel...
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    A few questions about the planets

    I don't have an opinion about: - Venus in everyone's chart represents their own approach to relationships. I consider adequate, sometimes in a relative sense: - Mars is the planet of fights, aggression, impulsiveness - Saturn is the planet of concentration, difficulty, perseverance...
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    Should Modern Astrologers Accept the Names Given to Newly Discovered Celestial Object

    Nergal character is very similar to Ares/Mars, Ninurta(agriculture and soldier) very close to Kronus/Saturn. The difference is on the Rulership of the Underworld, in Mesopotamia it wasn't atributed to a character like Plouton/Yama. The primary rulership was to Ereshkigal, I didn't understood...
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    Earth ruler?

    The Self, the Nafs, the Atman, is by tradition considered to be the Sun.