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    Thank u guys

    Hi Rafaella, Zarathu, Aquarius, Fensi, angel.. I would like to thank u all of u..and would like to update that i got a managerial level job last week.. :happy:
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    You guys are probably fed up from this..:)

    Well my question is will i get this job? As per last prediction by you guys i got an unexpected interview last week. i didnt apply for that position. i had applied for another low level job on May 7 but they considered my resume for a higher level job and called me for an interview on july 19...
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    Will this person get his Permanent Resident status within July?

    This person is seeking his PR. but it is delayed dont why...Can we predict this if he could get his PR this month.. Thanks in advance..
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    Will i get a job in my own field within july?

    because i have waited a lot and now it has been more months and i have not earned a single penny. Its getting harder for me to get a job and now to survive of course. I just dont understand whats wrong in my luck. My mother also did some prayer for me. One of the astrologer said my Jupiter was...
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    Shall i have to move to get a job?

    Hello everyone..i got so much help on my earlier posts and i have startd learning horary technique..but i guess i just failed on this one. My numerology and horary said i will get something this month but not having any luck till hopes..:( didnt get A SINGLE interviews..delays and more...
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    Will he ever cheat me....because of some one else..?

    Hi, Everyone..i am seeking help. I am going to get married probably this year and this person had past one of our common friend wants to marry him..i wont let him go..we are already on our way to there any chance that he will cheat on me...for someone else.. I...
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    Well i think now i am not new...

    Hi.. I am from Canada 24 years mentioned in my posts, still looking for a job.. I have my interest in astrology since i was in 6th grade..I know palmistry, numerology, reiki and a little bit of psychology..but i would love to learn how to see planets in charts..trying to learn it...
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    Does my chart says that i have bad luck throughout my life?

    My wedding is getting delayed, my job getting delayed..i am worried about if i would have kids...kinda confused...
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    Is someone going to help me?

    I have posted a horary question in career related horary questions... for my job..please help me..i have applied at many places..but not getting a single reply..even///:sad::sad::crying::crying:
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    When will i get a job?

    I am trying since a month but couldnt get anything..:( seems like my luck is not favouring me..not getting an interview evn..really loosing hop now..please help me out..should i just accept a labour job..although i know i deserve something better,,,...but dont know what to do..i am...