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    Scorpio boss said exotic dancers are always Sags and Geminis

    OMG, laughing still....had sugar daddy dentist who found me on "what's you're price" after needing some serious bail money (DUI) and was a dancer (the most pathetic morally mismatched non-earner ever!) And I'm Sagittarius with stellium including south node (north node Gemini, 5° Libra rising...
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    North Node Conjunct Algol?

    Im becoming more convinced that Algol along with the return of 13th constellation Ophiucus with it's 5th element, the nee Aztec 6th ether sun and redefining their sun god needing blood sacrifice as being Gaia the earth herself with a tongue for speaking not blood requiring. The shamanic 13...
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    Draconic Astrology?

    Well, I was born 12/16/83 with Pluto at 1 degree Scorpio (though confusingly in the first house mostly in Libra 5° ac and 15,° mars .. the term for my Oregon Trail micro generation is now Xennial or so they say. I like to keep my Pluto on the fence for sudden need in either 1st or 2nd house...
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    AC 5° Libra -mars 15, Pluto 1° Scorpio (1st house)

    I need clarification from the crowd.... Concerning primarily the topic of stellium technocalities...what am I work with here: Libra rising 5° along with Mars 15°, but still in first house is Pluto 1° Scorpio; then send house also Scorpio has shared the ironic conjunction of Venus 10°/Saturn 12,°...