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    Synastry, I am obsessed

    I am obsessed with him. I am hoping that as soon as transit Pluto goes away from my natal North Node in 7th H it will be over. Would you please tell me your opinion about this synastry? I see that he has almost all of his planets in my 5th, 7th and 8th H. We have Pluto conjuct Moon although...
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    Will anything good ever happen?

    I feel so tired generally from life and I am just 27. I am really wondering if there is anything good and longlasting going to happen before I hit 35. I know there are people who have empty pointless and dissapointing lives till the end. I feel I am going to be on of them. I am also wondering...
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    Natal North Node in 7th H Capricorn

    Could you tell me more about it than what I can find online? It frustrates me that I can't find a combination of North Node in signs and houses. My North Node is opposite Mercury in 1st H, however I have Uranus and Neptune in 7th H but they are not in conjunction with North Node. Someone told...
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    Anything catching your eye?

    Hi to all, What catches your eye in my natal chart? I wonder many times if my natal chart promises anything at all.. Since 2009 it's been nothing else but ugly things like deaths, many health issues are 2 of the most important ones. Is anything standing out? Or even a general opinion.. Be it...
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    Weird Transit Pluto conjuct Neptune and North Node in 7th H.

    This transit makes me feel plain stupid. Weird things are happening to me too.. I am going to explain.. I am a 26 years old girl this transit made me depressed and feeling empty (which is nothing new considering that last 8 years of my life were very difficult for me) but I also cry a lot...
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    Is he thinking of me??

    I am feeling so down.. I feel like I need him deeply.. I guess this is obvious from Moon in Scorpio.. So I am Mars in Taurus ( I want Venus which is him) and Moon in Scorpio.. He is Venus in Pisces and Sun in Aries.. Venus is R so it is going to make a sextile with Mars and trine with Moon...
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    Synastry Compability

    Hello! I would like some help with this synastry please.. My problem is I can't see the forest for the trees.. I'll start with addressing my natals chart's problems.. then his and then the synastry.. I met this guy online some years ago.. Unfortunately I had too many problems (and I still...
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    Is there anything positive in my chart?

    There is no area in my life that is going well.. The only good things in my life is that my mother is alive and that I have home and food amd the fact that I haven't been abused. I am wondering if there is anything positive in my natal chart. The only positive thing I could see is Mars, Venus...
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    Why so unlucky??

    Do you see anything good in my chart? Something like a natal promise? Or to put it in a different way.. Can you guess why I am so unlucky? Until my 17 years old I was ok , I had a good mom and dad, I was healthy so they were.. We never had more money than we needed for food and some...
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    Help about my 2nd House

    The only good thing I see in my chart is Venus - Jupiter in my 2nd H.. It's supposed to indicate a good amount of money.. But I am not lucky even in that aspect.. In fact I feel unlucky in every aspect of my life.. luck of love / intimate relationship which is the least important.. last 6 years...
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    Does he still like me?

    I wonder if that guy still likes me :pouty: Can you help me analyze this horary chart? I am the Moon in Libra (not a good position) and I am also venus in Scorpio (again not a good sign for venus I guess) He is Mars in Libra (again not a good sign for Mars) and there is no applying aspect...
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    Heart Ablation - Date selection

    Can somebody help me choose a date for my heart ablation please? it will last from 3 to 7 hours.. it will take place in Athens, Greece in around 7:30 - 8:30 am.. I think this post is very helpful I just can not...
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    Question about Contact Predictions

    I've once read somewhere randomly that there is a way to predict any kind of contact with a specific person.. it had to do with progressions and something else.. Unfortunately I can't find that post since I accidentally closed the tab before I even finish reading it.. Let's say person A wants...
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    Synastry - Composite

    Hello I need your opinions about stnastry and composite charts. It's mine and a boy's I liked but we are not in a relationship How does it seem to you? Our synastry (Red/Outer circle is him) Our Synastry aspects (him on the left) And the Composite Chart
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    Does he have a girlfriend??

    Hi! it's about a guy we met online and chatted for almost 2 years.. He stopped texting me because I couldn't meet him in person. I always take him as 7th H but now I don't know.. I think 5th is more suitable due to the question..Any help please??
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    Will he text me?

    This question is about a guy I met online We had a platonic relationship..We chatted for 2 years. He wanted a real relationship with me but I could't take that step because I had many problems in my life. Last time he texted me was inDecember 2014. When this question popped up in my mind I was...
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    Synastry help needed

    Hello! I am new here :) I hope to get some help for a synastry chart. I met online this guy and we chatted for 2 years.. So it's about a platonic relation.. He wanted to make this platonic relationship into a real one.. But I have some problems in my life (they are personal so I didn't tell...