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    Table of the Years of Life -

    It's not your fault. The article refers to a few different methods and the author themselves in the comments notes that she's uncertain where the 61 years came from - but it was likely a [primary] direction (which would be referring to one of the first methods mentioned in the article...
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    Astrology-Software Suggestions There's a demo on there that you can download. It is V8 though I think not V9.
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    Do I have a strong Gaj Kesai yog in my chart?

    Sure that is a reasonably strong Gaj Kesari yoga since you also have the version with another benefic involved in the yoga (Venus) which is a rarer and more "complete" form of the yoga. Also Moon is not just in angle but in close degree to Jupiter. Jupiter being retrograde will not be a problem...
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    I don't know as much about cuneiform but I believe it is pretty similar to Egyptian Hieroglyphs in that way. In both cases it also depends on the time frame you are looking at...the later you get the more they seemed to depart from pure pictographs (eventually departing from hieroglyphs...
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    Sometimes they are pictographic, yeah. But not entirely. Especially for a subset of them which was used like a kind of "alphabet" that when combined would form words/sentences that have no resemblance to the images used. If you've ever been to or go to Egypt they use that to hawk things to...
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    If I use Egyptian hieroglyphs is that text or image? :unsure: On the note of meme culture - there are loads of memes that aren't English. I know Japanese, Thai and Spanish have a massive amount of memes. But you won't see that in English speaking areas of the internet much, for obvious reasons...
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    Famous people born with very similar placements

    Haha, well played. Unfortunately I don't have any examples for your original question.
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    Famous people born with very similar placements
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    The Key of Mysteries

    Yes. It is a kind of word-play. L'étain though. Perhaps Tintin could help us... ORAT - from which we derive "orator" (though in this case, it refers to one who is neither the "artist" nor reader) RATO - We all need a rock, sometimes. ATOR - Links to RATO TORA - (word play within word...
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    How to get the geocentric positions of the planets?

    Most astrology programs utilize the swiss ephemeris by Here's the documentation: (It's mostly pretty simple to use if you follow along with that... I'm not really a "programmer" but even I can get stuff done in it with python - it's been...
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    Is succes and fame possible looking at my natal chart?

    It's normal for people to be skeptical - they're skeptical of everyone trying to do something "different". You say you already have some form of success - so just from a practical standpoint I would say that is your "proof" and put on the blinders and ignore almost anyone successful...
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    Western chart vs Vedic natal chart

    Yes, that is normal. Most "vedic" astrologers use sidereal zodiac, and most western use tropical (though not all - it's really more correct to say tropical vs sidereal chart) Unless your planets or points are late degrees of the sign it is likely they will all shift back one.
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    Gambling addiction destroyed me! Help!

    That is an effect of Rahu in the 2nd for you, with Mars and Venus. They are creating shame. Rahu is currently activated for you by my calculations (and has been for a while...) Rahu clouds the mind in the area he is and can make people do foolish things, create addictions etc. 2nd lord...
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    Is this a bad Hora chart ?

    In the hora chart like that you don't worry about normal "dignities". All planets are in either Sun or Moon hora. Do not consider Mars debilitated in it or that to be the 12th house. Masculine planets do well in the Sun's hora. Feminine planets do well in the Moon's hora. The degree of planet...
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    Help me... helliocentric chart creators

    Here you go...
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    Do U Believe in Twin Flames?

    Lol. I figured it would be that classic clip... (As to the OP, no, I don't believe in "twin flames")
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    Chat Thread

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    Chat Thread

    I have divine sources of information. I heard this song was written about you:
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    Chat Thread

    That Ronald's eyes look very bloodshot...
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    Chat Thread

    Wonderful. I will finish my conversion to Islam before our date then. :sideways: