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    Transiting midpoint experience

    I'm curious to know if a transiting midpoint's of inner planets are more noticeable since their transits are so short lived. E.g. tomorrow I have venus = moon/Uranus in transit v progressed venus = sun/mars midpoint in progression in a about 18 - 24 months time. What have you noticed?
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    ASMR artists

    I've recently come across ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). What aspects/placements do you think would drive someone to become a confident ASMR artist? Initially I thought Sun/moon in Leo as I feel such placements would be common in those who are creative/perform...
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    Progressed Venus to conjunct Mars, IC and Sun

    Hello all. I've been recently looking at my progressed chart and thought I'd share something interesting coming up over the next couple of years. Venus just progressed into Leo from Cancer on 1st Aug 2016. It had been in the latter since 25th Nov 1990. Now in about April next year it...
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    Part relocation part job

    Hello folks, It's been a while. I've moved abroad again and so much has happenend recently. I've been thinking about my old job lately and I'm starting to feel homesick. I'm not sure if I made the right decision to move abroad (3rd time in my life!!!). I ran a horary and this is what it came...
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    I wonder

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is someone at work who likes me? Venus - me Mars - her Moon - my co-sig Venus is in detriment conjunct descendent but in the sign of Mars. Mars is in Sag (someone of another culture). Mars and Venus receive each other quite comfortably as does Moon to both. I...
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    A fling?

    Hi all, It's been a while since I've posted here. (Was in relationship so didn't really have the chance to post stuff. It's ended so I'm free from the shackles). ::happy: I recently looked at my natal + progression charts and noticed that on 1st August, my progressed Venus is finally moving...
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    Move jobs?

    Hi, It's been quite a while since I last posted here. Job life has been manic and an absolute joke! My question is straight to the point - Will I change jobs next year? I don't think I will looking at this chart as venus and moon do not make contact?
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    Learning disability?

    So I've been watching Beverly Hills 90210 lately (used to love the show as a kid) and came across something in one the episodes which sounded like something I experience pretty much most of the time. Especially at work these days. My question is "Do I have a learning disability?" I'm not...
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    Jeopardy at work!

    I've always had this problem at work when starting a new job. I've always started and when things get taught to me, I don't seem to remember anything (my mind literally goes blank, I have no idea why), :/ and as a result I end up messing up at work big time. So my question is when will things...
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    Probation at work

    Will I pass my probation at work in Feb next year? I'm going to work hard for it, but I just need guidance if any. There's quite a lot to learn and take in for the job and I'm a bit concerned. :bandit: I could be wrong but this chart could well be invalid since Moon is right on the 6th cusp...
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    Adductor muscles in agony :S

    I damaged my adductor muscles about muscles (for those of you not acquainted with the anatomy of the body, it's the inside thigh muscles) training on newly purchased exercise bike. I didn't warm up/stretch - my bad!!! So when are my muscles going to recover?
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    congregation of the malefics

    Mars and Saturn, both transiting, and going to come together soon. Anyone feeling the energy? I'm beginning to feel the difficulties with the day to day chores and my health issues. How's this transit affecting you?
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    Test at work

    I have been doing some training last week and this week and at the end of it all, I have a test. I was just curious if I was going to pass the test or not?
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    Possible date tomorrow!

    So my question is will we meet tomorrow? My understanding tells me it's a yes because Mercury (me) conjuncts Jupiter (her). I'm not sure how to interpret the Moon (co-sig) here as it's 12th house conjunct Ascendant (me)? Does this mean I'll be thinking about her a lot through between now and then?
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    Met someone new last night

    I met one of the most amazing people last night. So my question is will something happen between us? I'm trying to apply what little I have learnt so far about horary techniques and application of. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it's quite a positive outcome despite there not being a...
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    Better late than never?

    I got late to this interview by 30 minutes, but I think I've done well in the interview. Was just wondering if I'll get the job or not?
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    Didn't know what to call this thread but...

    ...all I wanted to do was say hello and start a casual chat thread. I'm bored and am awaiting a telephone interview as I type this. How are you doing? I thought this thread may help everyone get acquainted with everyone else. It would help build rapport and promote friendship.
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    Another oddity in my life...oh brother!!!!

    So as you can see the natal chart of mine has a Gemini rising at 28 degrees and when I pulled up my upcoming solar return at the end of next month, guess what? The solar return ascendant is at 29 degrees Gemini. In other words natal ascendant conjuncts SR ascendant. Has anyone else had this...
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    New girl on the scene!

    :D A Spanish senorita and I met at a pub last to last Saturday night and, I felt like we got on quite well. I'm pretty attracted to her and was just curious if it would lead to something romantic eventually?
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    Interesting transit

    Ok people so I know I've been away from it all. Have had a couple of shocking incidents these last few weeks (part of the big Saturn return, so I'm not going to moan and groan anymore!!!). I'll try posting a bit more now. :andy: So I was having breakfast on my own this morning and peered out of...