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  1. Estrellero

    The Natal Chart of Islam
  2. Estrellero

    Towards a 6th French Revolution in 2016

    The national holiday of France is celebrated on July 14th, the anniversary of the storming of Bastille in 1789, the day when Paris people rebelled against king Louis XVI, who had ordered to dissolve the National Assembly that the representatives of the third state had constituted. It is true...
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    Why do financial crashes usually happen in October? Dollar was created by resolution of Third Continental Congress met in New York (just moved from Philadelphia) on July 6 1785, at 11 am. In its natal chart Mercury, the planet of trade, is on Midheaven in...
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    A plenty aquarian chart

    I have read many natal charts, but only a few people have read mine. It is a plenty aquarian chart. I was born only 4 days before supposed birth of Antichrist, whose advent with the great stellium in Acuarius in february 1962 supposedly marks the beginning of the Age of Acuarius...
  5. Estrellero

    My introduction

    Good morning to all of you. I began to learn Astrolgy in the far remote age when calculate and draw a astral chart was a handicraft work, and I am often surprised with the new elements or viewpoint I can yet find, for instance in my own natal chart. My masters (I have read their books) are John...