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  1. ruzi

    read my chart?

    Can you figure out when i will have my first child? we were trying for 3 months an nothing, i would really like to know i am married 27 turning 28 in 2 months, please help! thank you. :)
  2. ruzi

    read my chart

    what can you see in my chart about me?? and also how many children will i have, girl or boy. ? i was born at 5:35 pm in dubrovnik croatia my birthday is march 3rd 1985 thanks
  3. ruzi

    Can you see if I will have children?

    According to my birth chart? I really would like to know. my birth chart. i am born 5:35pm in dubrovnik croatia. on march 3rd 1985.
  4. ruzi

    Does my natal chart tell me Im going to have any children?

    Im trying to figure it out. I was reading this theory site and some people say if you look at your 11th house its where it tells you that you will have a children an it can tell you the sex of your children as well but I cant read it very well. Can anyone tell me if it looks like im going to...
  5. ruzi

    Can you tell me about this guy's chart?

    Its my boyfriend and he cheated on me one time but now its better. Anything about him from this chart? Hope he doesnt do it again in the future? And anything about him? Its attached. [anonymized chart per forum rules - Moderator]
  6. ruzi


    i'm back after a long time.. I forgot my account. Im ruzi. 25 loves astrology wanna make new friends.
  7. ruzi

    Anyone wanna read my chart?

    Can someone please tell me about my chart?? Thank you . Its attached.
  8. ruzi

    I wish I was a..

    I wish I was a Sagittarius, thats my favorite sign in the zodiac. I love the animal that represents it and all my friends are that sign and my sister. I read through posts an people were like you dont want to be a sag, they arent as connected as pisces are to their emotions, I dont give a ****...
  9. ruzi

    Guess my sun sign!!

    Guess what my sign?? im not sure if its your rising sign or your main sun sign you have to guess because i heard it was your rising sign that determines what you look like.. lol if thats true? :biggrin: and why do you think im that sign.
  10. ruzi

    New to the forum

    Hey all, I'm Ruzica or call me Ruzi for short, my real name. I'm 24 years old. Im yugoslavian/macedonian background. Eastern european I speak 2 languages.. I really loovvvee astrology. :) Its my passion. I love learning more an more and I hope i learn even more here. I came from another...