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  1. joyrjw

    Solar Return for 11.15.2018 Confused

    Hello folks, :-) I was curious what you thought about my solar return for 2018 and for 2019... the only thing is I'm confused as to which one (s) I should choose off of as it lists the years in an odd way. So, I attached 2 of them in addition to my birth chart... I apologise for...
  2. joyrjw

    Confusion between Equal house system (MC) and Equal House

    I noticed that there seems to be two different types of equal house system and I was wondering if anyone knows what the difference is? I have been using one type, and I enjoy using it, but then I tried the other type (the MC based one) today and noticed fairly significant alterations in my...
  3. joyrjw

    Help Intrepreting Progressed Chart Please

    Natal Progressed
  4. joyrjw

    Will I Ever Have A Baby?

    Hello There, I can't help but ask....Can anyone tell, by my chart, if I'll ever have even just one child in my life? I've tried to figure it out myself, but I seem to have a block when it comes to my own chart. Thank you for your help. This my chart in Koch. This my chart in Equal...
  5. joyrjw

    take the lateral thinking quiz

    I had to put this in here. It's a pretty good little quiz. I shamefully only got 4 correct on it. :tongue: Lateral Thinking IQ Test By William F. Bultas Can you think laterally? Try these 10 puzzles & discover your lateral thinking IQ! Be sure to take your time...
  6. joyrjw

    Should I Believe Him?

    I've known this person for quite some time and all of a sudden they seem to really care for me, as a matter of fact they seem to have fallen in love with me. :surprised::unsure: I don't know if I should believe this or not especially since for the longest time they were quite distant despite...
  7. joyrjw

    What's Happening?

    I've been having a tough time with depression and feeling motivated. I'm feeling anxious and frustrated and I don't want to do anything that requires much focus. Can anyone tell me if they see what might be causing this, where and when this may pass? Or what do you see? I swear this is some...
  8. joyrjw

    ?where you born november 15,1976 at 6:58pm?

    Hi! :happy: I'm looking for the person or persons who were born on the same date/year/and possibly time as me. If you're there, please don't be shy, make me aware of your presence. I would like to compare notes. Thank you and have a nice day or night! :happy: Oh, ya, here's my chart.
  9. joyrjw

    How Do You Read A Right Ascension Chart?

    Hi There,:) I just discovered a new and interesting chart called a Right Ascension Chart,but I'm not sure how to interpret it. I guess it's supposed to tell a person how they express the energies of the chart. I read a little about it in the advertising forums here,but I still don't quite get...
  10. joyrjw

    Question about stelliums that is driving me crazy...

    HI there! :smile: I have been looking all over the place for the answer to this question for what seems like forever and so I figured I would give up looking and post the question. Can a stellium configuration pose as/be the chart ruler?:unsure: In case I didn't phrase it well enough...
  11. joyrjw

    Help with Reading Karmic Chart Please

    Hi :happy:, I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my life path,but I'm having a trouble understanding these charts. I have pretty good intuition,and I'm developing my psychic abilities,but it's not enough right now. I have the feeling that things will be getting better for me...
  12. joyrjw

    tertiary progressed north node conjunct pluto in 2nd house

    Can anyone tell me what it means when the north node is conjunct pluto in a tertiary progression chart? They are in my second house. It's not a good thing is it?
  13. joyrjw

    Out of Bounds?

    :biggrin:Hi There! I am trying to figure this out. Would someone let me know if I get this right? My Mars at 26'31, Mercury 28'57, and my Jupiter Rx 26'25 are out of bounds planets. If I'm right could someone please let me know what "trouble makers" mean as it might pertain to these planets...
  14. joyrjw

    My Husbands Chart

    Salutations, I am trying to figure out how what the year will bring for my husband, I feel really bad for him since this last year has been really rough on him.(job problems,family problems,emotional etc):crying: When I look at his chart I see that he may get a job perhaps that is creative...
  15. joyrjw

    When progressed planets are conjunct one another

    I am trying to understand what it means when a progressed planet is conjunct to a natal planet. My Saturn is conjunct my Saturn in my second house and it appears that neptune,pluto,jupiter and chiron are doing the same thing,but obviously not in my second house.:biggrin: Could that mean lack of...
  16. joyrjw

    What's the difference?Many questions?

    A while ago I placed a post with my natal chart attached and I asked what my chart said about my career. Today, I tried a different kind of house system and tried using Koch. My planetary placements shifted pretty dramatically and I was wondering if I should follow this placing instead or if I...
  17. joyrjw

    north node and ascendant aspects

    Does anyone know about planetary or other influences to the north node could mean? I've looked everywhere,but I can't seem to find anything really concrete about it. I attached my chart,but I have my moon opposite my MC, My Mercury:) (line with a upside down V)Asc, venus opposite ascendant and...
  18. joyrjw

    Help with Vocation

    :happy: Does anybody know how I can figure out my ideal vocation(s) with my natal chart? If possible I would like to be very thorough. Thank you.