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  1. yassine01

    Can I do things with a 12th SUN?

    Hello all, First off, thank you for looking at my case. My chart is displayed below. I'm planning to do research in economics, my ambition in life is to help invent a new economic model, almost everybody knows how sick and excessive (or inapplicable for alternative ones) the current models...
  2. yassine01

    Jupiter on a fixed star

    Hello everybody, I heard Ptolemee said Regulus is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. I have Jupiter in 29°49 LEO. Regulus lies in 29°59 LEO. My Jupiter in Leo has only good aspects. It is conjunct Venus in 21°34 LEO, conjunct Mercury in 00°53 VIRGO. (Is Mercury here also involved with...
  3. yassine01

    When Saturn attacks

    Hello everybody, I have: Rising Moon in 1 afflicted by a square from Saturn at the cusp of 4. Can somebody please explain to me what this concretely means? By the way, since my Moon is stuck to my ASC, can I consider my ASC afflicted by Saturn too?
  4. yassine01

    Be a nice person and answer my simple questions! (Good karma)

    Hello all, First off, I'd like to say how awesome and interesting this website is. It's full of decent and skilled astrologers or amateurs. Keep up the good work. :) For my part, I have very simple and precise questions related to my chart. Feel free to answer just one, two, or more, it's...
  5. yassine01

    precise and simple questions!

  6. yassine01

    Business -> Exit? Yours to tell.

    Hello everybody, I will soon graduate from Business school and I'm doing my internship in a Canadian company. The problem is that I'm starting to loath business for many reasons (the big ones are superficiality and self-righteousness) and all my profs tell me human sciences suit me best...
  7. yassine01

    Everything and its opposite in one chart. Coincidence?

    Hi everybody, This is it: My birth chart is full of coincidences and I was wondering if that would bring any sort of inhibitions to my life? Is it positive or negative to have a planet in a certain sign and a house loaded with opposite energy? These are the elements of my chart: Asc: Virgo...