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  1. iwonder

    Sun as a significator in applying conjunction

    Recently Sun was in conjunction with Saturn. If both were significators in a horary (Asc Aquarius, 7th house Leo), was Saturn burned burned (negative outcome)? Or should it be looked at as a conjunction between the two bodies as significators only (positive outcome)? Or is it a "dangerous"...
  2. iwonder

    Moon's aspects after it leaves its sign

    I have made a horary where Mars in Libra applies to Jupiter in Gemini (4 degree orb). They are the major significators in the question. Moon is now in Aquarius, but in later degree than these two, so it will not interfere with the aspect. It is not VOC, though because it will make an aspect...
  3. iwonder

    Significance of hour ruler

    If hour ruler and Asc do not mesh well, does it make chart unreliable? Indicate negative answer? How important is the hour ruler?
  4. iwonder

    Is this a new relationship?

    I recently met someone who appears to be quite interested. I am not so sure about myself. I don't think I am quite over my ex. In fact, I have reasons to hope he might be back. But waiting for him would be silly, depressing, pathetic (you name it!). I am not waiting for him. I keep my eyes open...
  5. iwonder

    "Should I...?" horary questions

    If someone asks whether they should do something, what are we looking for in a horary? My thought would be to look at the querent and the ruler of the question. If querent is in strong position and in good aspect/reception with the question ruler, then they should do what they are asking about...
  6. iwonder

    Transfer of Light or Interference?

    If two significators are coming to an aspect, but Moon is moving to aspect one and then the other before they perfect their aspect - is this transfer of light or interference? Does the Moon help the matter here or not? If the aspect they come to is an opposition, does the Moon break the...
  7. iwonder


    I read that when two significators are coming to an aspect, but a third planet is perfecting an aspect with the slower significator first, it is called interference and means the answer is No. I've seen that happen in horaries more than once. How about a faster significator aspecting another...
  8. iwonder

    Why co-rulers?

    Why do we need co-rulers in addition to significators and Moon in horaries? I noticed here people often talk about Mars (or Sun) being a man's co-rulers, and Venus being a woman's co-ruler. I think it clouds the answer. Mars, Sun, Venus - they all are likely to rule houses in the horary...
  9. iwonder

    Will things work between them?

    There a person I know and care about very much. Recently his ex approached him to see if they could try to get back together. They have a child whom he loves dearly, and with his natal Sun being in Cancer (family is super important), he is willing to give it a chance, even if only to find out...
  10. iwonder

    Moon as a significator

    I have a horary where Moon rules the Asc. At the time of the question, significators do not make an aspect. But one of them is Moon, and it will aspect the other significator before leaving sign. So how should I interpret Moon here? Should I consider it future movement and say that...
  11. iwonder

    Saturn rx as 6th house ruler in health horary

    Someone I know asked a horary pertaining to a skin condition (yes/no). Their 6th house fell into Capricorn and the ruler is Saturn rx in Libra. No aspects. Strong but mean ruler of the 6th is not a sign of good health. Am I correct? To make it more ominous, Moon is in their 12th (fears?)...
  12. iwonder

    Is this a new relationship?

    We seem to click, he says he likes me. I like him too. There is something we both share that makes us a very good match. But what bothers me is that he takes forever (sometimes like 3-4 days) to answer my emails. I mean, if you are into someone, don't make that person wait. But that's me. I have...
  13. iwonder

    Will I move this fall?

    I am considering a move to another city. Not too far, but it is a bigger city with more opportunities. Whether I do move depends on a few things here, at my current place. Now these things do not look very promising. Besides, I used to live in that city and do like it better than where I live...
  14. iwonder

    Is he lying?

    Message removed.
  15. iwonder

    What house represents own business?

    What house represents a company that querent owns (partially) and where he is employed? Assets are 2nd and employer/career is 10th. Which one should I use?
  16. iwonder

    Will he reply to my email?

    I initiated a contact with a guy I liked and wonder if he will respond back. I just sort of run into him online and for some stupid reason really want him to like me and reply. Here is the chart. I know, the Asc is early, but what can I do? The question popped up again about a day later, but...
  17. iwonder

    Was there more to it? (relationship question in retrospect)

    I made this horary chart a few weeks ago when I got invited to a corporate Christmas event. The organization is pretty large, but scattered, so this would be a day I’d get to see many new faces. My question was "Will I meet someone to get romantically involved with?" I am Sun, he is Saturn...
  18. iwonder

    House of corporate money (bookkeepers and accountants)

    Would that be 8th or 11th? I thought it was the 8th - values of others. But the 8th is the second from the 7th - one-on-one relationship. Prominent 8th house could belong to an accountant who works with individuals or companies on a contract basis. Those employed as bookkeepers, accountants or...
  19. iwonder

    Two people with Sun-Pluto conjunctions

    I was soft of interested in this person. I think there is a degree of mutual attraction here, but it has not developed anyhow yet. Anyway, I did some research on him and found his birth date. He is a few years older, but his BD is one day before mine. So yes, we share same Sun sign (Virgo)...
  20. iwonder

    Will I get this job?

    I am looking for a job now and applied for this part-time library position. It is not a career job. Rather, it is a way to make my ends meet while I am finishing my degree. The pay is low, but I save on gas (3-minute drive), daycare (part-time while kids are at school). FREE TIME - to study...