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  1. indiaknoles

    help! giant square in solar return chart

    how should I interpret this massive square in my solar return? the return is the outer circle
  2. indiaknoles

    grand earth trine, two mystic rectangles & kite

    what does it mean to have all of these in my chart? I know the general meanings of each aspect pattern, but it would be great to have some input on the good/bad of having these.
  3. indiaknoles

    South nodes and siblings

    What would a relationship between two siblings look like if their sun signs were each other's south nodes? In this case I'm wondering about Libra Sun with Capricorn south node, and Cap sun with Libra south node. Would the relationship be impossible, never able to have closeness?
  4. indiaknoles

    Jupiter Return in Scorpio

    Hey beautiful people! So my Jupiter return is coming up in October when it turns to Scorpio. Jupiter in my natal chart is in the 4th House... what should I expect/prepare for?!
  5. indiaknoles

    eclipse on natal chart

    hey beautiful astrofolk, I'm yet another newbie who doesn't know how to match up my natal chart. Not sure how to compare the eclipse transit to my chart to see what houses it will affect. any help would be greatly appreciated :kissing: my natal is below
  6. indiaknoles

    Should we be looking at the eclipse?

    looks like it'll be clear!
  7. indiaknoles

    Should we be looking at the eclipse?

    I live in Arizona and the partial eclipse will be visible. My boyfriend and I want to get the glasses or whatever and look at it like good old fashioned Americans, and I was honestly quite excited to do so. But today I was reading about how both the Navajo nation and in the Vedic tradition they...
  8. indiaknoles

    what is making action so difficult for me?

    Thank you very much Rahu!! That is very helpful. Work has always been easiest when I'm working around or with others- although, yes, my loner nature makes it very hard for me to WANT to work with anyone, or ever leave the house for that matter. So I will take that to heart and push myself to...
  9. indiaknoles

    what is making action so difficult for me?

    I know without a doubt that some type of creative artistic persuit is what I am destined to do, seeing as I pick up musical and visual art skills very easily. But my issue is that of never having enough inspiration and drive to focus on one particular thing and follow through. I'm a very...
  10. indiaknoles

    Past life siblings?

    WOW, thank you for taking the time to do that, I am SO excited to have some legitimate proof of this!! Our lives really have shifted in a very spiritual direction since meeting, and I can definitely see that we would make a great team for positive change. Thanks again :D
  11. indiaknoles

    Past life siblings?

    Alright so, about a month after I met my current partner we went to a party and we we ended up talking to a random woman who claimed to be clairvoyant. She told us we were brother and sister in a past life, and that we would get married. She was drunk, so I never knew whether to take her...
  12. indiaknoles

    Hey ya'll!

    Just wanted to say hi, signed up last night! Thanks for being here and being beautiful, I love this place :D :love:
  13. indiaknoles

    boyfriend has confusing chart

    Thank you, fixed it! First post :andy: :innocent:
  14. indiaknoles

    boyfriend has confusing chart

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