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  1. caninnc

    Tricky one... 3rd person question

    Ok here's my new lesson... 3rd person questions... Ok the question asked is by me about 2 people who have no direct impact on me. A relationship I know is in conflict so my question is: How and when will they break up? here's the chart... Ok so here's were I get confused. I am asking the...
  2. caninnc

    New question

    A little drama has been happening and of course, I turn to horary. Will my friend see through the lie that has been told? Here's the chart: Here's my take. I am the querant... so I am 8Cap so I am Saturn (self-disciple - and I have kept my mouth shut knowing both the liar and the...
  3. caninnc

    Of course... a relationship question...

    Hello all! Alright, now that I am getting horary... I thought I would share my charts and my analysis. This is a question from a friend of mine. Will Bev and Marsha be together as a couple? Ok so here's my take... and I haven't told my friend my reading just in case. OK she is the...
  4. caninnc

    I'm getting it!!

    You will all be relieved to know that I am finally catching on... and I am finally being able to do my own questions so no more freebies from you all!! HALLLALUYA!! Here's my chart: here we go... Will we be a couple? I am Mars (22Sco14)... of course I am amorously awaiting in the 7th house...
  5. caninnc

    Will she?

    The question is will she respond favorably to my olive branch? And is there hope of rekindling our friendship? Here's the chart: Is this image too small? ASC is 13Sag47 so I am Ju in Lib in 10... Moon is Tau in 5... She is Me in Lib in 10... I can now identify everyone... but this is...
  6. caninnc

    too early...

    If you ask a question in earnest and it is too early, how long should you wait to ask again at another time? Should you wait 24 hours? Is there a respectable amount of time or just whenever? Always questioning, Michele
  7. caninnc

    Multiple questions

    Is it better to ask one straight forward question? Or ask a grouping of questions? I never seem to have just one question. And since I apparently need to prove the last statement. Can you ask totally different questions during a reading? Say can I ask a question about my career and my love...
  8. caninnc

    applaing aspect

    What is an applaing aspect? In the front row with my hand up, Michele
  9. caninnc


    I went over to the big mega book store with cash - ready to buy any book on Horary... and found nothing. :( What is everyone using as reference books? Any you would recommend? Is there a Horary for Dummies? There is an Astrology for Dummies but it's pretty standard stuff. And my next...
  10. caninnc

    Void of course?

    Is this an example of void of course? My question was will I bring more personally spendable money into my life... I am ASC 13Vi03... so I am Me (communicate) in Leo (boldly) in the 12th house (in secret)... Now do I interpret money as an entity... If so, money is in second house which in...
  11. caninnc

    When is it too late or too early to ask?

    What are the standards to know when a question is too late or too early? Slowly catching on, michele
  12. caninnc

    More lessons

    Ok, a new question... Is there a romantic connection? (All of my questions are romantic related!) With AS 20Li42, I am Venus... and I am in the 12th house. The other person is Mars in 11Ta55 in the 7th house. Why is the moon on the cusp of the 4th house? What does that mean? What aspects...
  13. caninnc

    Goca, help!

    Goca! I am about ready to give up Horary! I am getting the time zones wrong, the querents mixed up... I would like to try a time question... How long will M & S be together? Here's the chart: I see that ASC (6Pis11) so one is Jupiter and the other is Mer (8Leo45). Mercury seems to have...
  14. caninnc

    My first reading...

    Ok... Here's my first documented attempt at a horary reading. The question is what is the future for us? So the Ascendant is in Libra which means that I, as querant, am Venus. The other person (I learned that male/female doesn't matter) is the 7th house ruler which happens to be Aries so...
  15. caninnc


    I was just curious if anyone has any insight into rectangles in a chart. I keep trying to put my chart up but when I check it - it has a different month... So here's my chart: It seems like everything's squared which can't be good... Any ideas? Any insights would be appreciated!! Michele
  16. caninnc


    Our synastry and composite natal charts suggest a karmic connection. Me: 6/4/1967 20:30 UT 106w38, 52n07 Her: 12/5/1973 19:12 UT 80w15, 36n06 Question: 25/7/2005 00:19 UT 80w15, 36n06 Will we be a couple? And is it a karmic connection? And what does that mean exactly? Thank you so much for...