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  1. SugarMagnolia713


    Hi all, I'm a New Jersey native but I spend most of my days in New York City and I've been looking for an Astrology center but haven't had any luck finding one. Unfortunately I cannot finance consulting with an Astrologer, but something just as nice that I would appreciate is studying and...
  2. SugarMagnolia713

    Confusion regarding Ascending sign -Magi Astrology & Steven Forrest's, 'The Sky Within' both indicate that I am Pisces rising at 9 degrees. Recently, my colleague's mother, whom studies Magi Astrology, has indicated to my colleage that I am actually an Aries rising - with planets in the 10th [which isn't indicated in my original...
  3. SugarMagnolia713

    Interesting Symbolism

    I was on youtube one day looking at astro vids, when I ran into this really interesting information about symbolism. + (cross of matter) O (circle represents spirit) ) (semi-circle representing soul/reflection) __ (horizontal indicating asleep/lying down) | (vertical indicating awake)...
  4. SugarMagnolia713

    What are the indicators in a Chart of a person who likes being around animals

    just adding on to the discussion... I, too are an animal lover. (big And small but mostly farm animals) I've been veg for almost 3 years now, I do alot of volunteer work for animal right orgs & i feel like its part of my purpose (for the voiceless) to spread the word about veganism and its...
  5. SugarMagnolia713

    Help with chart!

    Thank you very much, R4VEN, for your wise input. I appreciate it and I will accept its positive aspects, as well as the negative which will only allow me to meet and face challenges the best way I can allow myself to. To learn from them, but to never forget why they were inputted in the first...
  6. SugarMagnolia713

    Hi everyone!

    lol well it seems like many Cancer's are weird..I know I am :p
  7. SugarMagnolia713

    Hi everyone!

    Greetings! I recently joined last night, so it may take me some time to adapt to the forum and figure everything out. I'm an 18 year old female. Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo, Ascendant in Pisces. So far I think this forum is great, and it seems like there are many generous and sightful people...
  8. SugarMagnolia713

    Help with chart!

    I'm just a bit confused + I need some astrological help My desire is to pursue a career in Acting. I understand the 6th House rules the work environment and one's service to others. I have many strong planets in the 6th House, and all of them except for Venus, are in Leo. Being that I want...
  9. SugarMagnolia713

    Help with chart!

    Hello, thank you for replying! I attached my chart, let me know if it's too small I can attempt to find a bigger image. It's always been my dream to become an actress, and beginning this year I'll be attending an acting school. I guess the reason I'd like to know what my chart says about...
  10. SugarMagnolia713

    Help with chart!

    I understand what the signs mean, but understanding the signs in the houses is where I get confused. I know astrologers are able to tell what type of person you'll marry, a career that's good for you, etc. Can anyone take a look at my information and fill me in on some important aspects you may...