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  1. datvirgochick

    US Presidential Election

    Anyone following this have thoughts or opinions on candidates or issues? What issues are the most vital to you?
  2. datvirgochick

    James Franco/Jason Segal

    They are sooooo dreamy. Does anyone have chart info on them? I was gonna post pics to see if anyone could guess their ASC's but nooo....I can't post the pics for some reason
  3. datvirgochick

    Can anyone help with an interpretation?

    We've been together six years and have a child together. We have had a lot of ups and downs just wanted to hear what some of you have to say or offer any interpretations. It is very much appreciated in advance!
  4. datvirgochick

    composite and synastry charts?

    Should you review both or is one better than the other for looking at relationships. Which is more commonly used or do they have different purposes? Sorry if this doesn't make sense I am just getting back into astrology and thus have a lot of questions!
  5. datvirgochick


    Browsing your site, thought I'd join and post a few messages here and there:rightful: I've had interest in astrology for years, but lately I haven't read up much on it. Like kind of a forgotten hobby, I suppose...Anyway I'm a Virgo sun/Virgo rising/Libra moon if that tells you anything...