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    Currently running Saturn Mahadasha - any potential for growth?

    Dear members, I would like to please request your insight into what I may expect concerning possibility of marriage for myself. Currently I am running Saturn dasha period which had just started last year. Business is going well for me and I'm enjoying great advancement with my career. I'm also...
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    Vedic with tropical or sidereal?

    There is growing enthusiasm among vedic astrologers to use the tropical zodiac. They are citing many scriptural references to support its adoption. Ernst Wilhelm is one famous advocate of the use of this zodiac. They use sidereal nakshastra, just tropical zodiac for the rashi. Vic Dicara also...
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    will we get together?

    Question is: Will we get together. I am Mercury, Moon (hesitant to give myself sun). She is Jupiter & Venus. I am in her fall. It shows just how distressed I am over the situation, wishing to reconcile. Jupiter makes a trine to both my significators Mercury & Moon. Moon is in face of...
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    Can we go back to before?

    Hi everyone - hope all is well. Hoping to get some help with this chart. Can we go back to before? I am seeking reconciliation with a love interest who’s also a friend. I’d like to go back to our friendly terms of when we’d go out together for, flirt, touch etc. We looked at a previous chart of...
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    Why is she not talking to me anymore?

    There's a girl at work, we've been going out for dinners, we are close friends. She has 2 boyfriends. Let's say BF 1 & BF 2. BF 2 wants her to break up with BF 1. What happened was I developed romantic feelings for her, and I told her. We still had gone out since then. She cares for me. And she...
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    Question if one planet is in it's own fall but the quested's reception?

    Question if one planet is in it's own fall but also in the quesited's reception? For example, if we take a classic relationship/love horary. Mercury is 1st house lord in 7th house pisces (Fall). Jupiter rules 7th and is in its own house 4th (sag). Merc is in Jupiter's dignity in 7th house...
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    How was my message received

    Hi forum, I sent a contact request/message to a romantic interest. I have a feeling I might have sent it wrong. The chat app was a bit confusing. I can see I am mars in her house, with a square applying to her. She's in 3rd house. Does this perhaps mean she was annoyed by my message? Thanks
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    Will she come back to me?

    Asking about a romantic interest. We hit it off, then she ghosted me. Question is: will she come back to me? Wondering if there's an ex or someone i should be worried about. My plan is to just give space and see what happens Here's the chart link: Thank you!
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    Please help me to choose news location

    Hello everyone, Hope you're all doing ok. I am trying to decide between Atlanta & NY as a place to move to and settle down in. Some things important to me in this decision process is: 1. Career/business success (which place allows for most fruitful result in this area) 2. Earning...
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    Will they reactivate our employer profile

    Hi there, Suddenly our Employer profile and job ads got removed from an online job posting website causing us a lot of inconvenience and loss of income. They gave virtually no information why they took our ads down too. We've appealed the take down process but have to wait some time before we...
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    Will I like this girl

    I've been invited to spend Christmas/New Years together with a girl who's a potential romantic interest. I would stay with together with her in her city with the aim to get to know each other better etc. But I am anxious to know, whether or not I will like her romantically (that includes...
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    Will Trump Win - Horary

    Just to be clear, I don't support and/or like Trump or Hillary so don't flame me. Trump's lead however seems to be growing and with the polling indicating that he's winning in Ohio and Florida, I'm wondering if he may actually win this election. Question: Will Trump Win?
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    What's next with her

    Hey guys, So was wondering if we can explore: 1. Will we meet again. 2. Any chance of intimacy - emotional/physicalsex between us. 3. Are they going to break this off. She seems to be in this only because her father likes him. Chart was casted last week after our encounter Basically since...
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    Where to go next?

    Hey, Arena has been helping me with this, But keen also to draw help from everyone. Thinking to relocate to USA - Looking for the best place for me to succeed professionally and have a high chance of marrying/settling down. Have been looking at Florida as well San Francisco. I had moved to...
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    How do Navamsa and spouse predictions work?

    Hello everyone, I was hoping you may be able to clarify some questions i had regarding how D9 Navamsa and marriage predictions worked in vedic astrology. 1. Can a chart tell you specifically that you would be married or not, or rather it outlines possibilities of the type of partner you could...
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    everyone's relationship questions at this time

    Hey, Everybody's relationship horary questions seem to be getting negative responses. Is this some kind of coincidence or what?
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    Will I have sex with her?

    Hey guys, I know this is kind of a silly question. But I haven't seen my girlfriend in awhile. We've been fighting a bit, sometimes she's positive, sometimes she's angry randomly. will see her next week. Will I have sex with her? This chart is in whole signs, I've also casted it in regio. But...
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    Insight regarding this girl's marriage/married life

    Hi friends, Please could you all share some insight related to this girl's marriage and married life. Presently, she loves someone but is hesistant to marry so soon. It is difficult to understand her reasons. Would like to encourage her for marriage next year. Thank you all :-)
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    Hey guys, Haven't really seen a thread on this. Is anyone able to share their views on how they've found the accuracy of numerology month cycles to be? So as I know a year is split into 2 cycles... Any thoughts on this?
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    Mom found us sexting - is our relationship over?

    So my girlfriend and I love each other. So much that we were speaking of marraige - subject to family consent etc. Her mom found my sexually explicit messages to her. She said I am a dirty man. What a shock?! Umm, so my girlfriend's not talking to me. I don't know how to reconcile. Is my...