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  1. Sebastien Cheritte

    What happens when Planets have no rulership in the chart?

    Wow, it's hot in here!! --I like it. I support you Lex, Astrology often gives no straight answer, please tell me you didn't come here for a straight answer, learn to chew up the meaning, swirl the experience around in your mouth like a fine a wine, that's astrology, for the record, some people...
  2. Sebastien Cheritte

    Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

    Not to Quote Patrick Bateman/Christian Bale but "...You have a negative attitude, that's what's stopping you, you need to get your act together..."
  3. Sebastien Cheritte

    Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

    Lol, don't beat yourself up though, I mean, in public.
  4. Sebastien Cheritte

    Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

    I will only agree to this statement if you haven't masturbated either, as preservation of essence is the act of bramhacharya, therefore rendering you the gift/curse of the noble Bishma in the story of the Dwapara War, who's sole purpose is a Divine Mercy only rewarded after much pain and...
  5. Sebastien Cheritte

    Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

    Is that a fact? Am I 'crazy sexy'?!
  6. Sebastien Cheritte

    Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

    You didn't post a picture. How can we know for sure? Looking at a chart? Well what I can definitely say is. You're free To enjoy all the freedoms that come with it. Lol
  7. Sebastien Cheritte

    Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

    I have Venus on DC, what sign? Is it easy to tell this kind of thing? I'm not sure, I hide allot. You tell me. Now this is a bit of a troll magnate in my experience, when people relish on both over complimenting over insulting to keep things balanced. The thread I...
  8. Sebastien Cheritte

    Can anyone interpret the dominant or most influential aspects of this chart?

    What is the point of looking at predominating energy? That like saying you have a favorite or most powerful limb, let's single it out and grant it God status. If anything does that it's the chart ruler. So... ASC, VE, MA, MO, ME/UR/NE My interpretation is that the rulers of 1st & 8th (chart...
  9. Sebastien Cheritte

    Brexit, does this thing have a time effective?

    Hi Lex Great question!! I have been thinking about my predicament too. I think we should take a look at this link: UK Country Vs City This suggests division in UK. 4th House vs 10th House. Between staying and leaving. Brexit Article Astrodienst May's Opposition: Jeremy Corbyn Chart...
  10. Sebastien Cheritte

    Any advice for my career with MC in Sag?

    I'm 35, at this very point in my life i am a teacher. (i will not say of what). I became one in 2016, but if you asked me before, i WOULD NEVER HAD SAID SO, I was trying to do business, I was trying to 'blow up' I was on the lookout for big ideas, i had many big ideas, they say it's the best...
  11. Sebastien Cheritte

    Can a Pluto line work?

    If you mean Pluto on the DC line. Close, I've felt Uranus in Bali, on the DC, if i were take an opportunity to go to The Maldives, I'd have them both, Saturn & Pluto conjunct on that line... Is it worth it? I was afraid i'd die from a snake bit or some out of control monkey. When i was in...
  12. Sebastien Cheritte

    Can you guys give me some insight(read my chart)on why I'm so internally frustrated?

    If Neptune rules your chart you won't necessarily feel those effects until Neptune hits your Ascendant. Mine did. I found my vocation. Neptune is two things, the gift of substance, and the curse of substances. So, maybe consider meditation. Scorpio & Neptune get along well, I am of the school of...
  13. Sebastien Cheritte

    Best sign for a fighter

    Don't bet your money on that. Suppose Mars takes a hard aspect from Saturn (hot-head, dislikes routine, doesn't train hard enough.) If they're conjunct as you say, the square goes to both Mars & Sun. Suppose there is a Pluto opposition, and at the peak of the career it's an unfair square to...
  14. Sebastien Cheritte

    Why does NO ONE ask me about being an OPHIUCHUS?

    I agree, we cannot be so ignorant, making borders for everyone, you are few, but you will become many more as time goes by, i fear the fate of this world is fast becoming akin to battling with Pythons, I for one would be interested in any Ophiuchan feedback in general. No point ruling out...
  15. Sebastien Cheritte

    Everyone who has Uranus conjunct their Descendant

    This post just became relevant, thanks for sharing. BUT YOU WILL ALL WANT TO HEAR THIS!! I have relocated to Bali for the period between 28th May & 3rd August 2016, for the purpose of Yoga training & to take a YTT200 cert. Uha!! but check this, it aint the whole truth, I came out here for the...
  16. Sebastien Cheritte

    How do I make the most of my chart?

    off the bat i'd say: home life isn't the loving home you wish it was. System orientated, but probably also chaotic at times and even a bit unpredictable and mysterious. all members of the system, i.e everybody hand his cousin are in your house -- i literally mean. AT YOUR CRIB. Busy place, a...
  17. Sebastien Cheritte

    Pars/Mars conjunction

    Pars 19° / Mars 20° Cancer in 5th house (Cancer on 5th cusp) A single loose square aspects to Pluto in 8th. Libra 26° What sort of Mars is this? personal function integration challenges How does Pars benefit the association? intense inconsequential moderate What can we expect to...
  18. Sebastien Cheritte

    Sony E-mails

    has anyone given a thought to the SONY hack/Amy Pascal situation? There's no official data for her, but all the exposure on sensitive business practice is pretty intense.
  19. Sebastien Cheritte

    Jupiter VS Saturn

    I appreciate your pointing that out to Rural Idaho
  20. Sebastien Cheritte

    Jupiter VS Saturn

    greybeard, check the original date of this post, before you make a statement. just an idea.