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    Job Offer: The one that got away?

    My fiance and I had a job offer at a motel resort in a deserted part of California. What was awaiting us there if we had taken it? Our initial appeal was that her listing specified that she was seeking a couple to fulfill many duties including office work and more. Duties that could help us...
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    He proposed! Why am I scared and having doubt?!

    I'm excited and also nervous. The Stars seem to resemble stability and longevity. Except, I'm not that good at astrology, yet, and Mercury retrograde has me a little worried. I have a natal Mercury retrograde, so I guess I'm used to the feeling of confusion and doubt. Anyway, what do you guys...
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    Sailing, Sailors, Liveaboard, Cruising and Boats

    Has anyone made any astrological connections with any of the above listed in the title? For example, the astrology of a sailor, cruising around the world, traveling the seas, buying a boat, living on a boat, and the like? I'd like to hear others' inputs. I was thinking maybe there would be...
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    Are we impulsive and crazy or is this a good idea?

    Moving to Texas for a career change and affordable cost of living Fast forward 2 years later... I have a relocation question again lol. We are engaged, now, and did not relocate to Arizona or move in together! I've been looking at Texas recently (mostly El Paso, but I'll take any major city...
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    Rough Childhood?

    What impressions do you have with this chart? Childhood, home life, family, dark side, taboo, etc? How to heal from it, too?
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    Is our relationship really strong? Twin Flame?

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated :love: I'm not at a level, yet, to really understand how to read charts, so I'd like any insight on me and my boyfriend. I'm blue, he's red. We share a deep, almost ethereal connection where we can pretty much read each other's minds sometimes and know...
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    Help guide me please (job/career/studies)

    Hi, I've been feeling a loss of direction for much too long and I'm really having this urge of finding myself already! My lack of direction has me feeling unmotivated and like such a loser.:annoyed: So, I'm here to seek some advice. Please help, I feel desperate.:eek: I don't know what I should...
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    Saturn in the 7th House

    I've got Saturn in the 7th house in Aquarius. What about you? What are your experiences with it? I'd say that that it's certainly hard maintaining, and having, relationships. Personally, I've always been so incredibly drawn to Aquarians or people with a strong Aquarius influence. (Which makes...
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    Ketu/South Node conjuncts Moon and Venus! ~help

    Recently, I've delved into North and South Nodes and their significance. It turns out that I have ketu/south node conjunct my moon and venus... all in Gemini and in my 11th house. :surprised: I've read interpretations of ketu conjunct moon, ketu conjunct venus and moon conjunct venus, however...