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  1. midnight sun

    Some Neptune Problems

    Hi everyone, I am extremely confused about my career. Neptune transits through my 6th house. How to deal with it? I am chronically tired , I can't start anything and I have a lot of work in my head that I want to do, I just can't do any of them because I can't decide. It's like, if I make a...
  2. midnight sun

    Help for a dream interpretation

    Hi everyone! I am writing and analyzing my dreams for 7-8 years but sometimes I get stuck in understanding some situations or symbols. So I decided to ask for your insights My dream is like that: I am walking with my friend from office and we come in front of my high school which I studied...
  3. midnight sun

    I need help in reading a chart

    I would like to make a surprise to my boyfriend by giving a detailed analysis of his birth chart. I tried to understand some parts of it but I find it hard to interpret the triangles, I especially need help on them There is hard aspect between Jupiter in 7th house, Saturn-Sun conj in 10th...
  4. midnight sun

    Sudden and fast love attraction

    Hello, I've been single since 2007. My loves were usually platonic and painful. On 14th Februray, I suddenly decide and joined a dating app in my phone (I don't trust these kind of relationships normally). I sent a message to a guy which I saw he is from the same high school of me. That we...
  5. midnight sun

    Saturn triggers father issues

    Hi everyone! A brief information: I am the only child living with my family and I am 32 years old, working but I have a dependent relationship with family and I am getting theraphy for changing it. I was living in a protective mode emotinally in the last years. I was resistant to any change...
  6. midnight sun

    Saturn-Venus Aspect and the lesson I learned

    I have Saturn opposition Venus in my birth chart and I am analyzing it since I start to learn astrology a little bit. Astrology helped me to understand my repeating patterns and the deep wounds lying under them. I always opened threads with depressed feelings but now I would like to tell the...
  7. midnight sun

    How to Overcome Mars-Neptune Opposition

    Hi, I would like to write about the problems I live about taking action and the effects of Mars-Neptune aspects on it. My both natal Sun and Mars in 9th house are in opposition to Neptune in 3rd house. I got over some of the problems it created. After 30 years, I accepted, finally, I am a...
  8. midnight sun

    How long have you lived the effects of first Saturn Return?

    I wonder about your experiences of your first Saturn Return? In the means of material and emotional changes? I read that it is a time for looking back your life and think about your achivements, failures and etc. I am now 31 but I feel I am still living the effects of it. So I wonder how you...
  9. midnight sun

    Mourning seems to last forever

    Hello everyone, I would like to write about a mourning feeling but I didn't lose anybody in my life. Briefly, I'm thirty years old, working as a research assistant, writing phd thesis. I’m the only child of my family, I am single, I mostly have friends at work. I was social till I started...
  10. midnight sun

    Help for a dream's analysis

    Last night I had an interesting dream. I am in my father's car, he is driving. We come to a place like historical and sacred area. We want to visit this place which is big with several monastaries and churches inside. The guardians don't usually let people in but they let us to see inside the...
  11. midnight sun

    Healing for Heart?

    I'm feeling cursed by Saturn-Venus opposition with having no boyfriend for a long time (and choosing wrong people always). I'm having hard times with my heart chakra. I understand the root of problems. I feel a guilt emotion wants to punish me, I really feel it like a being and want it to go out...
  12. midnight sun

    When love is a threat: Saturn opposition Venus

    I’ve been searching and trying to understand the situation of Saturn opp Venus, or in general hard aspects of Saturn and Venus because it has a very bad fame for causing curse in love. And it does. But the planets’ positions are not the reasons, they are just indicators of real life situations...
  13. midnight sun

    Will I have a relationship?

    Can you interpret my horary chart? My question is "will I have a relationship in the following months?".
  14. midnight sun

    Childhood abuse and relationship possibility

    I have been abused sexually in my childhood. I don't remember the events but I'm living the emotions and on therapy for years. I'm very unlucky at relationships, both woman friendship and relationship with men. The last time I have relationship with a man was in 2007. I'm alone since then. I...
  15. midnight sun

    When will this depression finish?

    I'm jobless, I never worked, I'm living with my family. I don't have boyfriend since 2007. My close friend ended our friendship. I'm feeling very hopeless. I have mood disorder but I was good, hopeful and social till this automn. I am also getting therapies for my relationships. But my mood...
  16. midnight sun

    Savior-victim relationship and Neptune

    What are the dynamics behind the effort of being a savior of someone? I have Sun/Mars opp. Neptune. I always pay attention to its "being a victim" side. I just realized that I'm also playing the "savior" for other people. I'm surprised to see it now because it's very obvious. But I usually call...
  17. midnight sun

    Dealing with Neptune as the ruler of 6th house

    I have problems about putting my plans into action in my daily routine. I'm suffering of procrastination. I make plans easily but can't start or go on them. I can't finish my tasks and work productive. Social media makes it worse. While I'm trying to finish a task, I easily lose my focus and...
  18. midnight sun

    Meaning of Dogs in Dreams

    My mother has phobia of dogs and I had years ago. Then I tried to get over it very much. I can walk near them or stay calm near them in the last years. So I have a fear but I can control it. Since 2008 I'm seeing dogs in my dreams so much. In different types and positions. Not always aggresive...
  19. midnight sun

    My Saturn Return is Coming

    It seems like a tough winter is waiting for me:) My Saturn Return is coming, shows the conjunction starting at january but also the most tensioned aspect- Venus opposition seems to start earlier. I would like to talk about Saturn's teachings, karmic effects of it and the delay it...
  20. midnight sun

    Will I move from the house I'm living now?

    I asked "will I move from the house I'm living now with my family, this year?" By saying this year I think one year from now-not just till the end of 2013. And of course I mean moving by myself, not with my family :) I couldn't interpret it myself, will be grateful if you take a look at it.