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  1. CarrieLee

    If you were born with a PLANET on the ASC - How did your birth go?

    My daughter was born with the Moon on her ASC and she had to be induced because the cord was wrapped around her neck really tight, tight enough to give her hemmorhages in her eyes.. And now she is a perfect 4 yr old with a big round head :biggrin:
  2. CarrieLee

    Congrats to EJ

    EJ53 congrats!!! How awesome Much love CarrieLee the double Yod girl (Or perhaps you decided I only had One true Yod:smile:)
  3. CarrieLee

    Am I in the wrong career??

    I thank you for your help with this back when I was struggling..this Saturn going over my Sun and stellium has given me great perspective. I restarted the Course in Miracles and I have been seeing a counselor who has encouraged me to not give up my Nursing dream, as I can keep the massage with...
  4. CarrieLee

    Weird Weather this week in Oz

    I saw the pictures It is amazing..Do you think its due to Saturn and Uranus? What could it be??
  5. CarrieLee

    Yods created by sextile between Neptune & Pluto

    I don't know if my two cents count in this conversation but something you said on the first page struck me Ej53, Now i do not know how to quote from someone elses post so I am just copying Forgive me As children, this generation were moulded by rock 'n roll/teenage rebellion and sexual...
  6. CarrieLee

    Yods created by sextile between Neptune & Pluto

    :whistling: I found it!! Woo Hoo...I will read through all this wisdom later this evening as I am having a birthday party for me:biggrin: this is a Really great Line EJ , "ask not what your Yod means for you, but rather what it can mean for your society/community". Can't wait to have the...
  7. CarrieLee

    Yods & Unaspected Planets - what you can expect

    Ha ha ha I might visit also :biggrin: I just love watching R4VEN and EJ53 educate my brain:w00t:
  8. CarrieLee

    What Day of the Week Were You Born?

    Saturday girl here, works hard for a living and Saturn in the second with a big old Yod pointing to it :)
  9. CarrieLee

    Blood type and sun sign

    O positive and Virgo sun :)
  10. CarrieLee

    How did you get into astrology?

    Even though I was a devout Catholic in high school I would go to the Occult section in the New London bookstore. When I was questioning that Catholicism in early 20s 1992 i entered my first New Age bookstore in mystic CT and bought Spiritual Astrology determined to unlock its secrets. I am still...
  11. CarrieLee

    I'm depressed.

    sorry to pipe in on Tebs thread I do wish you blessings while you go thru this depressive time..There is always hope.. Cassanra and Rockfish just needed to chime in and say I am 22 Virgo sun/Pluto and it is an exact square to my moon 22 Gem.. Glad to meet you both.. I wonder if there are other...
  12. CarrieLee

    Is astrology against christianity?

    I am of the Wiccan kind and a what you call a Witch, I have a husband and many friends of my Kind who are also Witches.. Warlock is a slang term here in Florida for those who like the Dark Magick that harms.. So it is an offensive term to males in this corner of the World..:innocent: ~Carrie
  13. CarrieLee


    I have missed her also..I am glad someone asked :love:
  14. CarrieLee

    Is Neptune a Malefic?

    I agree with you my own flesh and blood son has Sun conjunct Nep and he is a Jesus FANATIC..He may or may not grow out of it. I am going to activate my Aries North Node right now and I may inflame some (Sorry) But in my Opinion Many aspects to the New Age Movement show Neptune in a dark light...
  15. CarrieLee

    Chart of a Deadly Explosion:Jack Parsons

    OT/ a bit- Is this the same man who studied with Aleistar Crowley and then taught what he learned to L.Ron Hubbard who then started Scientology??
  16. CarrieLee

    Raw Food??

    Anyone here on a 80 percent Raw Food diet? 100 percent Raw? I would really love to know because since Saturn is moving toward my Stellium I think besides all the other stuff he wants me to do I think I am being asked to eat correctly.. I wold love to know any positive or negative stories...
  17. CarrieLee

    Is Neptune a Malefic?

    I must with all respect disagree, there is a dark side to this planet ..I used to believe in the good neptune until in my area I studied the chart of a Mother who murdered her child she is Pisces with a Mer in Pisces the murder happened a year ago and she lied lied lied lied for 31 days without...
  18. CarrieLee

    Left Handed VS(ha) Right handed Astrologers

    Thats an untrue myth I am an incredible reader, I have 5 books I am working on now and I test above college level
  19. CarrieLee

    Planets::: And The Alien Power Construct

    I third it...apparently I am of the Mixed variety..But it would make my Sun/Pluto conjunct exact at 22 degrees a helpful thing :devil:
  20. CarrieLee

    Saturn Help Please

    Thanks so much I am on the search for an open minded one and may have a few leads as I officiated the wedding of two PHD's in the field and opened them to the world of Astrology. Blessings to you Waybread Carrie