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  1. devalight

    Sun to Saturn Conjunction

    Because it is not my chart, and I did not have the person's permission.
  2. devalight

    Sun to Saturn Conjunction

    You are right Ragey - I deleted the chart. I was talking about how close they are (0 degrees applying)
  3. devalight

    Sun to Saturn Conjunction

    Thank you for your responses. I am still left a bit confused. Either Saturn is "combust" with almost no power, or its power is greatly enhanced and the Sun diminished. This is not my own chart, it is for someone else and I don't want to give a bad reading.
  4. devalight

    Sun to Saturn Conjunction

    I have slightly different results with the equal house chart. That is why I said above that Venus was in Scorpio. I was looking at the equal house chart. I don't know whether or not I should use Placidus or Equal House for this northern a location (Canada).
  5. devalight

    Sun to Saturn Conjunction

    OK, here is the chart in question: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. devalight

    Sun to Saturn Conjunction

    I am trying to interpret a chart where there is a 0 degree (exact) conjunction of Sun and Saturn in Scorpio in the 5th house. Even more complicated is the fact that this is square Mars in the 8th in Aquarius.. Venus is also in Scorpio, but not close enough to the sun/saturn to be a stellium...
  7. devalight

    Transiting Pluto Opposition Sun

    Yes, I agree due to the timing of events, it was probably Uranus. Yes, a total surprise. Last month I felt confident enough to put more money into an IRA. I would never had done that if I had a clue.
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    Transiting Pluto Opposition Sun

    Yes, Iwonder. It doesn't seem right to me either. I pulled up Astrodienst's horoscope for the day I was laid off and I thought it said sun opposition Pluto, but just eyeballing the chart it doesn't look that way. In my anxiety maybe I read it wrong. I am now thinking you are right...
  9. devalight

    Transiting Pluto Opposition Sun

    Yes, it has been a little over 7 years, 7years 1 month. I was worried about Saturn crossing the AC last year, but nothing happened. I guess now is the time. I have tried to attach the chart. These transits are really weird. 5th and 6th natal house full of transits! I hope I can find a new...
  10. devalight

    Transiting Pluto Opposition Sun

    I have not posted on this board in several years. However, recent events are so strange that I wonder what to make of what is happening. Pluto entered into an exact opposition to my Natal Sun (in the 10th house) on the day I was laid off from my job. Coincidence? I think not. I had worked...
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    what are your quintile aspects and sesquadrate aspect

    Hi flea, Thanks for commenting on my message. I understand what you say about the harmonious and inharmonious elements acting together. I think my Jupiter in Libra quintile with Uranus in Leo is particularly interesting. I have learned a lot about myself and my potential abilities from...
  12. devalight

    The Twelfth House

    I have Pluto in Virgo in the 12th house. Pluto is conjunct the Part of Fortune (0 degrees!). Pluto is trine Mars in Aries in the 8th house, sextile the Moon and sextile Neptune. My ascendant is also in Virgo My sun is in Cancer (afflicted in the 10th house). I had a rough time in...
  13. devalight

    what are your quintile aspects and sesquadrate aspect

    My Quintile aspects: Mercury Q North Node Jupiter Q Uranus Chiron BiQ AC No sesquadrates. I have a Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon. I do not know what to make of my North Node. It is heavily aspected. It is: In the 1st (boarderline 2nd) house in Libra, conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, trine the...
  14. devalight

    Hobbies in the Natal Chart

    Shining Ray, In glancing at your chart, I would vote for the astrology hobby influence being the Uranus/Mercury/Jupiter connection. In fact, you have a great deal of Uranian influence. I think that Uranus, especially a Uranus/Mercury connection is significant for interest in astrology. In my...
  15. devalight

    The 12th House - Your Thoughts

    Mary, It has been awhile but I am back. My Pluto is closly conjunct my Part of Fourtune (both at 0 degress Virgo right on the cusp of the 12th house. Pluto is trine Mars in the 8th(in Aries!) and Pluto is sextile to Moon and sextile to Neptune. Devalight
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    An Introduction to Planetary Dignity and Debility

    Re: Mercury I thought that Mercury was in its Detriment in Pisces and in its Fall in Leo. Maybe I have the wrong information. I would be happy if Mercury was not in its Fall in Leo. Devalight
  17. devalight

    Transiting Saturn and Mercury

    Saturn is about 5 degrees away from a conjunction with my Mercury in the 11th house (Mercury is my chart ruler). Strange stuff is happening with communications today. I went in to the office today and none of the phone lines were working! It is as if someone had cut the lines. Also the alarm...
  18. devalight

    Do you believe in God?

    Yes, I believe in God, but I am not sure anyone can define what God really is. I think of God as something like the totality of nature, the ground of being, or all that is, kind of like what the philosopher Spinoza said, if anyone has read The Ethics. Devalight
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    Gemini Venus

    I am a Venus in Gemini at Midheaven with an exact (0 degree )oppositon Saturn. I must say that the entire chart has to be looked at before anything definite can be said. In general, I agree that a Venus Gemini would want to be around witty, intelligent people, most especially with a Virgo...
  20. devalight

    The Quintile

    I have read that Quintiles confer some special gift or talent. I have two in my chart - 1. Venus in Gemini in the 9th house quintile Pluto (also parallel). Pluto is in the 12th house in Virgo. Pluto is barely in the 12th in Virgo, however, and I think may partake a bit of the 11th house Leo...