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  1. CarrieLee

    Raw Food??

    Anyone here on a 80 percent Raw Food diet? 100 percent Raw? I would really love to know because since Saturn is moving toward my Stellium I think besides all the other stuff he wants me to do I think I am being asked to eat correctly.. I wold love to know any positive or negative stories...
  2. CarrieLee

    Saturn Help Please

    Hi there everyone, I could use some help..Saturn is now approaching my Stellium in my 7th house its is approaching my Jupiter and boy am I sure feeling it. My husband is having to declare bankruptcy due to an IRS problem he had before me and Meena. We were almost forclosed on but that is better...
  3. CarrieLee

    Would you get married with this char

    Hi there A very close family member is getting married on this day and time with this chart. I am concerned because of the Venus/Pluto opposition while wide it is still there. What I like is the Capricorn Rising adding the saturn influence for longevity. And the Sun in the 7th :) The Man is...
  4. CarrieLee

    Aunts and Uncles

    where in the chart do you see Your Aunts..My paternal Aunt died today and she had an impact on me and helping to develop the eating disorder that has plagued this life even though I loved her greatly.. I am thinking about the Jup/nep/Chiron conjunction happening tomorrow since it squares my own...
  5. CarrieLee

    Am I in the wrong career??

    Hi All... I am posting this here as I am still technically a newbie... I have a question I read in today someones interpretation of a famous person's chart and they mention that since said person had Water in their career houses 2,6, 10 that there delving deep into the emotional world suits...
  6. CarrieLee

    will he be a preacher

    I am posting my son's chart and asking the question will he be a preacher or will he finally break free of my exhusbands brainwashing.. With his sun conjunct Nep Chris does have the ability to absorb whatever mindset is currently around him and he is in the Bible belt and fully believes his mama...