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  1. devalight

    Sun to Saturn Conjunction

    I am trying to interpret a chart where there is a 0 degree (exact) conjunction of Sun and Saturn in Scorpio in the 5th house. Even more complicated is the fact that this is square Mars in the 8th in Aquarius.. Venus is also in Scorpio, but not close enough to the sun/saturn to be a stellium...
  2. devalight

    Transiting Pluto Opposition Sun

    I have not posted on this board in several years. However, recent events are so strange that I wonder what to make of what is happening. Pluto entered into an exact opposition to my Natal Sun (in the 10th house) on the day I was laid off from my job. Coincidence? I think not. I had worked...
  3. devalight

    Transiting Saturn and Mercury

    Saturn is about 5 degrees away from a conjunction with my Mercury in the 11th house (Mercury is my chart ruler). Strange stuff is happening with communications today. I went in to the office today and none of the phone lines were working! It is as if someone had cut the lines. Also the alarm...
  4. devalight

    10th house with afflicted Sun

    I would be interested in hearing some opinions about the significance of the sun and moon both being in the 10th house. Does anyone else have a stellium or the Sun and Moon in the 10th? In my case the sun is afflicted and is the apex of a T-square. The moon makes a lot of aspects to the other...
  5. devalight

    Mars Saturn Conjunction

    I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts about the effects of the current Mars/Saturn conjunction. This appears to now be transiting my Mercury/Uranus conjuction in my natal chart.
  6. devalight

    Mystic Rectangle I would welcome some feedback or interpretation on the above chart. Birth date: July 14, 1958 at 10:00 a.m. PST at Spokane, Washington (in case link doesn't work) Does anyone else have...