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  1. rhoeas722

    China Airlines MU5735 Crash

    When I heard about the accident, given the surroundings by that date I thought of sabotage. But after reading this topic I'm almost considering it. To me the T-square is powerful enough to make it clear but great to know about the other aspects mentioned above.
  2. rhoeas722

    In What Sign is Chiron Domiciled?

    I have always seen Chiron as Virgo-Sagittarius square.
  3. rhoeas722

    my solar chart, really need the analyze :(

    You will get that job. Getting married depends on both parties, not just one. Any pact depends on both parties. You like to have everything under your control; that's why it will cost you. It's no longer up to you. Pluto entering your Descendant is a statement to let you know that it's no...
  4. rhoeas722

    Pisces in your chart

    It all started in my teens, when Pluto began its transit through my 1st house. At some point it happened every night, so I was afraid to go to sleep. It's stopping since I've been delving into the occult, and it's vanishing as I learn more about what is at the roots of everything. As I go...
  5. rhoeas722

    Pisces in your chart

    Pisces moon in 3rd square Sag pluto in 12th. 4th cusp in Pisces. I usually go to bed at 10-11. Lots of nightmares, sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. I often wake up in the middle of the night in fear. Vivid and meaningful dreams. Dreams in which I descend into dark places or fall into a void...
  6. rhoeas722

    Pluto and ocd

    Yes, I have no doubt about it. OCD is the tip of the iceberg, as soon as you make conscious the purpose of that OCD, then you will be free of it.
  7. rhoeas722

    please explain pluto effects on my chart

    Hi, Pluto transits will make you face the darkness. All that people are scared about and reject with effort. The so-called negative/wrong side of life. By the end of the transit, there will be no trace of who you think you are now; you will have faced your fears and traumas, and many things...
  8. rhoeas722

    my solar chart, really need the analyze :(

    Hi, It's a year to empower yourself after a period of hardship. So you will take a step forward in your professional career. There is a high degree of tenacity to endure any difficulty you may find in your way this year. It will be a year filled with responsibilities, and there may be some...
  9. rhoeas722

    Addiction drugs/alcohol in a natal chart

    hi, there are many factors that favour this habit, possibly it is a matter in which the family tree is directly involved; inheritances. (that's why my first advice is to pay close attention to Saturn so close to Ketu. it is critical). it would be good then, to reflect on these behaviours in the...