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    How to Interpret the "Finger of God"

    Sorry... Chiron is in Cancer. My bad...
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    How to Interpret the "Finger of God"

    Ok.. I read everything here but am still having trouble. Sometime I run into something in astrology that I have NO idea how to interpret. I have Moon in 7th House Virgo forming a sextile to Chiron in 5th House Gemini, both forming a quincunx to Mercury in 1st House (and perfect conjunction to...
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    Double G.Trine Kite in Solar Return

    Hm.. actually, I recently bought some Tarot cards and have decided to get in touch with my "spiritual" side... I've been an atheist in denial of all things supernatural for a few years now, but lately I've been questioning this kind of stuff. My natal Mercury just progressed into Pisces a few...
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    Double G.Trine Kite in Solar Return

    Hello... I need some help! I'm kind of new to Solar Returns (and still not even sure if I believe it works.) But.. this is mine for this year. But.. there's like a "double' Grand Trine (Pluto and Jupiter both aspect) and the the opposition to Neptune. I have no clue how to interpret this...
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    Share Mercury Retro stories?

    Oh yea, and also this story! Ok... for a long time now, Mark Wood of the Trans-siberian Orchestra has been planning to come to my highschool to do a 1-day workshop and a concert with us (I play violin with my orchestra.) Anyway... this event was schedule for... February 13th! And get this...
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    Share Mercury Retro stories?

    So.. today Mercury retrogrades at 10 degrees Pisces, conjunct Uranus. I have the cusp of House 1 and 2 at 10 degrees Pisces. And get this... My laptop battery broke down today!!! I had to call customer service, and they're sending me a new battery.. because mine won't hold a charge anymore...
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    ...I Ching..?

    Oh.. haha... it's just, I'm like, half-asian.. but I wouldn't really take any offense if someone called me a "chink," I was just wondering what you meant...
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    ...I Ching..?

    .. chink?
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    ...I Ching..?

    Lol, I meant "point" of the cards. Cool site though.
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    A Unifying Theory of Everything.

    This topic is something that has been bothering me for a long time... Astrology. Numerology. Chakras. Reincarnation. Souls. Spirits. I Ching. Tao. Feng Shui. Palmisty. Tarot. Qabbalah. The list can go on and on forever... But, how is it all related? WHY is it all related? IS it all related...
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    ...I Ching..?

    Hey... wondering if anyone knows anything about I Ching.. And if anyone does, what is the poing of the cards? Why can't you just use coins? I don't see the purpose in an I Ching deck, but I'm very interested in it....
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    Talk about Synchronicity!!!

    I tend to not believe in synchronicity. Sometimes, coincidential things just "happen." I mean, why don't they happen all the time? Because they are "coincidental."
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    The Astrologer's Complex!

    You're right, I'm also experiencing a Saturn/Mars Square, but with an orb of 5 degrees. Neptune is at 18 degrees Aquarius and Mars at 18 degrees Taurus. Not good. But... I work hard at being more positive. But somehow, deep-down inside, I know and feel that all I'm doing is weaving a false...
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    Sun-Moon opposition - Full moon child!

    Hey, me too! Eh.. it's not so good for me though. Sun in 1st House... Moon in 7th. I'm not sure why, but I've found that 2-4 days before the full moon, I usually have some kind of emotional breakdown or something stupid like that. It hasn't happened lately... maybe it was only during some kind...
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    The Astrologer's Complex!

    *gasp!* Ok, so here's my problem. Right now, I have like no energy.. ever. I try to exercise, I try to get straight A's (which I DID get this quarter.. but I was 5 points short of an A in French class!) I try to practice my violin a lot, I work part-time like 15 hours a week.. and I have to...
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    Calculating EXACT position of Moon?

    Ok.. so 3 different sources give me 3 different locations for the moon when I was born. One says 6 degress Virgo, one says 15 degrees Virgo, and the other - 26 degrees Virgo. I understand that it doesn't matter that much, but it can change the House position of my moon. I KNOW I have the...
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    Transit Pluto trine natal venus..what can I expect?

    Would it be possible for you to post your birth chart alonth with transits? I'd like to see what signs and houses first.
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    Again about solar return chart

    I'm not sure what to tell you as far as relocating. I'd say, from my past experiences, a good time to move somewhere is if your progressed Sun changes signs. I was doing an interpretation for a friend, and I discovered that her Progressed Sun left Sag and entered Cap when she was 11 years old...
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    Does the 4th or 10th House Represent the Mother?

    I don't remember where I read this info, but I heard that the 4th house represents the parent of the same sex as the child. So me, being a guy, would have my father rule my 4th house and mother rule my 10th. And.. it kinda works too, but it's a little confusing for me. I have Mars/Jupiter...
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    Religious Basis for Astrology?

    Ok, just wondering.... let's say that I'm an atheist. But, I believe and practice astrology. I don't think that the planets are "gods" or anything... I don't even really believe that we all have souls. Yet... I still believe and practice astrology. What does that make me then? Would I have to be...