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  1. Sebastien Cheritte

    Pars/Mars conjunction

    Pars 19° / Mars 20° Cancer in 5th house (Cancer on 5th cusp) A single loose square aspects to Pluto in 8th. Libra 26° What sort of Mars is this? personal function integration challenges How does Pars benefit the association? intense inconsequential moderate What can we expect to...
  2. Sebastien Cheritte

    Sony E-mails

    has anyone given a thought to the SONY hack/Amy Pascal situation? There's no official data for her, but all the exposure on sensitive business practice is pretty intense.
  3. Sebastien Cheritte

    Moon Progressions

    Some time ago i posted my experiences with the moons cycle through the zodiac, how it made me feel, perhaps i was ultra sensitive at the time, but i realise i must be ultra sensitive - period. Now i follow these progressions from-time-to-time, particularly the moon, since its the fastest, but i...
  4. Sebastien Cheritte

    Lets talk BOXING

    I want to get to the bottom of my weird Mars placement. Mars is action orientated. Now with loose squares (6°/8°) to Pluto/Saturn in Libra 8th from 5th in Cancer & a direct sesqui-quadrate to Uranus in 9th in Sagittrius. I would say that there isn't really much to make Mars a happy camper...
  5. Sebastien Cheritte

    Venus at 0°

    I was just wondering, since Venus represented our artistic perceptions, as well as our views and handlings of wealth & intimacy, what happens.. when she's at: 0° ________________THIS IS MY PRIMARY QUESTION________________ In other news... I was following a thread...yes... it was, THIS ONE...
  6. Sebastien Cheritte

    Afflictions...afflictions... oh look, more afflictions...

    I'm wondering how much benefit the progressions bring to a poorly placed and/or afflicted planet, In my chart, Mars makes two aspects: one semi-square with Uranus and a loose square to the tight Pluto/Saturn conjunction. So, how do the positive progressions effect the natal setting?
  7. Sebastien Cheritte

    Jupiter VS Saturn

    Is using Jupiter to defeat Saturn a possibility? Is the position of my natal Jupiter the key to evade my saturn return? I mean, is that a good idea? My natal Jupiter is in Sagittarius, in 9th conjunct Uranus & MC. Saturn is conjunct Pluto in 8th Libra. Transiting Saturn is 4° conjunct my...
  8. Sebastien Cheritte

    Living life in pieces

    hello everyone, would anyone have any material of their own, about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra? then.. I don't suppose you would have any of your own material about that specific conjunction, taking place in all the houses? Personally, i would appreciate it if there were answers...
  9. Sebastien Cheritte

    Live, in person, consultation in the UK

    I've been after a real consultation for quite a while. Doesn't anyone in here know of anyone PERSONALLY, that has the inclination for a professional reading?
  10. Sebastien Cheritte

    How does this person travel so much???

    I wonder, how could someone with NO planets in either, Gemini, Sagittarius, 3rd or 9th be so well-traveled? Does it have to do with SR's, Transits & Progressions that bring the opportunities for this person???
  11. Sebastien Cheritte

    How do i use this transit to effectively?

    ...put in use the energies of venus?? Hi all, long time no see.. I'm going through my first saturn return, for a while now.. in the meantime.. Venus has decided to visit my 5th house, where she'll make a conjunction with both my Natal Mars & Sun, soon enough.. I'd like to really use this...
  12. Sebastien Cheritte

    Dependence & Independence

    according to this website, 'the hemisphere' plays a specific and important role in identifying the 'way' one expresses or rather, employs energies. It implies that charts heavily loaded on the western hemisphere tend to be more dependent, whereas...
  13. Sebastien Cheritte

    this pull at the centre of the galaxy? what do think about it?

    Planets at this degree in GC, get special attention, or should. Since the sun is revolving around something bigger than it, why shouldn't it's position be significant, right? Some astrologers claiming its as significant as the sun, if not more. Have any of you got something to report about...
  14. Sebastien Cheritte

    Orb reduction

    Hi all, I've posted this in the beginners section because it seems like a beginners question. However, I'm quite sure it's an important one anyway. Suppose I have many aspects in my chart with a default orbital rate in 'equal' house system. CHART A But I wish to be more realistic about the...
  15. Sebastien Cheritte

    Neptune transit through 12th ...hmmm

    sharing is caring. Now what happens when the thoughts (Mercury) you share (Neptune) are on mute? (being ignored, viewed as non-nonsensical, laughed at, not taken seriously) See, in this situation I have my SR Merc & Neptune opposed. But naturally (Natal) they're trined. In the transit they're...
  16. Sebastien Cheritte

    Progressions Vs Relocation

    Hi all, I have been using a method to calculate my experience which hasn't been spoken of anywhere, and I'm wondering whether any use a similar method when they feel what is provided doesn't make any sense. What happens when one leaves their place of birth? Their coordinates change and...
  17. Sebastien Cheritte

    Quincunx un-revealed :d

    how to delete a thread?
  18. Sebastien Cheritte

    About the 5th House

    The more planets we have in the fifth, the more abundant the energy we have to release, with perhaps some disinterest in receiving the same from others. This is also the house of hidden karma resulting from the misuse of the will or love principle in past lives. - Does this mean I misused will...
  19. Sebastien Cheritte

    Afflicted Leo Sun in 5th - no self-esteem

    "If the Sun is in sect (can only happen as lord of the 5th) but afflicted by Saturn and debilitated it can indicate having to overcome obstacles for love (as in Romeo and Juliet). If however, the Sun is out of sect and in a bad figure with Saturn, then the native lacks confidence in themselves...
  20. Sebastien Cheritte

    Saturn Sq Sun Leo in V

    Will anything else re-enforce the power of that placement negatively - any worse and I'll retire to the mountains and meditate my way to perfection. :D Also, about Chiron. I have no speech impediments and nor do I stutter, in fact I speak 3 languages almost perfectly (Greek, English & Music) ;)...