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  1. joyrjw

    Solar Return for 11.15.2018 Confused

    Hello folks, :-) I was curious what you thought about my solar return for 2018 and for 2019... the only thing is I'm confused as to which one (s) I should choose off of as it lists the years in an odd way. So, I attached 2 of them in addition to my birth chart... I apologise for...
  2. joyrjw

    What is your mars like and how assertive are you?

    Mars in Scorpio and not very. I hate conflict and will do what I can to avoid it.
  3. joyrjw

    ADD/ADHD Natal Charts

    Hello greybeard, please excuse me for being mentally vague, but I'm not sure if you're writing to me or not. If so,in response to what you're saying... I have social anxiety as well as general anxiety and I can get restless when bored, have cabin fever, am in a long line, inside too long ...
  4. joyrjw

    ADD/ADHD Natal Charts

    I definitely could see how a T-Square and/or the 5th house might make difference especially with the moon involved or maybe Neptune(?) Though I'm not familiar with the trends involved as I only just started looking into this. My oldest sister has her sun and mars in the 5th house (capricorn)...
  5. joyrjw

    ADD/ADHD Natal Charts

    I'm not sure what aspects are associated with ADHD (unfortunately my focus is terrible and I'm classically procrastinating to boot), but I can post my chart. Hopefully it works.
  6. joyrjw

    Confusion between Equal house system (MC) and Equal House

    That makes a lot of sense. Ascendant based for me it is then. Thank You! :joyful:
  7. joyrjw

    Confusion between Equal house system (MC) and Equal House

    I figured that part of it out. :-) I'm sorry, I should have been more specific. Maybe I'm over thinking it. I just wonder if it's something that can be used all of the time as a natal chart or is it the type of chart ( I'm referring to the MC based chart) that has the kind of "general"...
  8. joyrjw

    Confusion between Equal house system (MC) and Equal House

    I noticed that there seems to be two different types of equal house system and I was wondering if anyone knows what the difference is? I have been using one type, and I enjoy using it, but then I tried the other type (the MC based one) today and noticed fairly significant alterations in my...
  9. joyrjw

    Your Rising Sign and Your Mother's Moon

    I was born C-Section my rising sign is Gemini 29 degrees, so pretty much on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer and my Mom's moon is in Cancer. I also noticed that my Mom's rising sign and my Midheaven are both in Pisces. My mom's Sun is in Virgo and my moon is in Virgo. Interesting :sideways::smile:
  10. joyrjw

    Dyscaculia in the natal chart

    I also have dyscalculia and possibly ADD. My Moon is in Virgo in my 3rd house, so maybe Earth signs that are in bad aspect,(?) have something to do with it, I agree. I always wondered where it might show up in my chart. :-)
  11. joyrjw

    Midheaven Square Natal Neptune

    I also have Neptune square Midheaven (in Pisces) I agree, I need my work to mean something to me. I also can not be around negative people because I pick up there energies. Also, I have some confusion about my career, I have had a lot of trouble picking something, always wondering if I'm...
  12. joyrjw

    Help Intrepreting Progressed Chart Please

    Natal Progressed
  13. joyrjw

    Singletons in the Natal Chart

    Thank you for the information. I guess I have been misinformed. :-) So with that then I believe Jupiter Rx Taurus is the singleton then. I have planets in my 2,3,4,5,6,7 houses and then Jupiter is in my 11th house.
  14. joyrjw

    Singletons in the Natal Chart

    Yes, I have a Gemini Ascendant. :-)
  15. joyrjw

    Singletons in the Natal Chart

    My singleton is Pluto in Libra, the only planet I have in air. I'm not sure how this plays out in my chart exactly. :unsure::o
  16. joyrjw

    What your dominant planet means

    My dominant planet seems to be Mercury... I found a pretty good description that kind of suits me. I don't see myself as being above average intelligent,but the rest is true. :-) Mercury...
  17. joyrjw

    Gauquelin sectors - Is it true for you?

    I just discover Gauquelin Sectors and know nothing about them ... it would interesting if they could truly foretell what line of work a person would excel at... I have Moon,Venus and Neptune as Gauquelin Plus Zone Planets (Koch and Placidus,in Equal House it's Venus and Neptune). My Venus is out...
  18. joyrjw

    septiles and noviles

    I'm not a professional astrologer,but with all of the looking around that I've done I've developed the belief that septiles and noviles of all types (as well as many other aspects that have been labeled as minor and uninfluential) must have a significant impact on an individual.... I have in my...
  19. joyrjw

    Sun square Saturn

    I had problems with both my fathers (my paternal and step father) I have sun square saturn 7'.... I also have sun conjunct mars
  20. joyrjw

    Quintiles/minor aspects in synastry

    Hi ReclusiveHermit, I don't know if this will help any, but I have a link to another site where this subject has been discussed. This is a subject that I'm investigating myself. :-)