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    Viewing the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse From Neptune

    anyone else astral project? last nite was glorious on Neptune....a planet of the most lovely colours,and the bodies of water are the most irridescent tourquise ...the plants soft blues and pinks, long grasses where the life-forms nestle...and create the wonderful vibrations of peace and love...
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    Lunar Node Change- Aquarius/Leo

    The Lunar Node change from Virgo/ Aquarius/ I am excited to see what changes are brought about - in my life- and in general...these are such different energies.. I am Leo/Aquarius..
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    Dreamwalker-Mary Summer Rain

    Over the years I have enjoyed the pursuit of spiritual knowledge- Reading everything I could find, there is some material that always stands out in my mind...a very simple book..written by a Shoshoni woman named Mary Summer Rain... a most profound 'gathering'of...
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    The 'Cosmic Messenger" Has Arrived

    I have been informed by very special friends of mine, members of the Navahjo, and Arapaho Nations, that a very special 'cosmic' messenger has made it's appearance in the sky. This messenger has many names, many meanings, and many faces. It portends to many native americans, vast changes in the...
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    Viewing the Celestial -Comet?- From 8300' Northern NM

    I am by far not a professional astronomer....but have had an interest for many years. I live in the wilds of northern New Mexico, 8300' up in the mountains. The sky here is clear and blue. NM is known for it's view of the stars. One night last summer about midnite, a friend and I came home...
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    Solar X9.0 Class Flare

    for all the astronomer-astrologers: An unexpected huge solar flare erupted from the sun yesterday..a X9.0..coming from the region of sunspot 929 according to NOAA. Smaller M-class flares are also expected..according to some Russian astronomers, and even a potential for another X-class, soon...
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    Mercury - Messenger of the Gods

    Mythic Insights Into the Mercury Rx Scorpio Cycle.. The Planet Mercury symbolizes the alchemical magic of the mind, how we process information how we percieve reality and how we communicate. From our inherited myths about Mercury (also known as Hermes) we know that he was the only god able to...