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    Methods of chart interpretation

    Great tips by experts. One should follow to get better predictions.
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    What is the role of astrology in love marriage predictions?

    Today most of couples are interested in love marriage. Arrange marriage trend is going down as couple want to marry some one knows as due to busy schedule of your life they didn't get to know each other in case of arrange marriage. Share your views what is the role of astrology in love...
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    Even one minute in birth time is a big difference in relocation

    I am agree that birth information should be accurate for any astrological predictions and positions or planets changes per second. And if birth information is provided wrong prediction will be done based on astrology which can effect your life in future.
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    What is the difference between aspects & house placements

    Sun, Moon and Rising Ascendant are main aspects associated with your life which helps to predict what is going to happen in your life.
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    New to Modern Astrology?

    Modern Astrology is mainly natal chart based where are other astrologies are based on Zodiac signs
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    Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

    Astrology is just prediction and if implemented in proper way will work for you. So you should consult with a specialist astrologer before implementing any astrological remedies and should follow rules and regulations in well manner to get best results.
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    Does Venus give beauty to the face only?

    Venus is called the lord of wealth. It not only enhances beauty but help to enhance your income resources as well.