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  1. Senecar

    Baker's Dictionary of Astrology, 3 Volume Set Hardcover – September 1, 1991 by Douglas M. Baker Does anyone use / own this 3 volume set? I just found them in my old book shelf. I got them from eBay about 10 year ago, and stored in the shelf for all that years, and have been totally oblivious on their existence. Last...
  2. Senecar

    The Art of Horary Astrology by Oner Doser

    Just ordered a copy of The Art of Horary Astrology Paperback – Illustrated, 15 Nov. 2019 by Oner Doser (Author), Benjamin N. Dykes (Author) I wonder if anyone read / owns this book, and how it is...
  3. Senecar

    Fate vs. Random chance

    Is everything pre-planned by someone up there? Or is it just random chances, what's happening in the world, and also each individual's births, lives and deaths? What is your belief on this, and how and where does Astrology fit in?
  4. Senecar

    Upcoming Mars Saturn Pluto conjunction in Aquarius

    On 31st March 2020, Mars and Saturn will conjunct in Aquarius, I heard. Not 100% sure, if it is the case. I will try to confirm that. Or if you have the accurate information, please confirm. What are some of the predictions for this rare event from the Traditional Astrological point of view...
  5. Senecar

    Spooky prediction for current world situation? Or just passing hunch?

    This video was made in 2019 Spetember. Please see 23 - 25 minutes in the video.
  6. Senecar

    Mars in 8th house

    I think I have seen in a book by Morin, that Mars in 8th house is unlucky. Do you agree? No? Why yes, or why no?
  7. Senecar

    Where is my knife?

    hi My folding knife for general utility work has been disappeared. I thought I put it in the draw in the bedroom. But it is not there anymore, Maybe I am mistaken, I might have put it in somewhere else. Or maybe it was thrown out with other things? I cannot be sure. I have been searching...
  8. Senecar

    8th house

    When is the 8th house to be read as Money? And is the money from inheritance or some other source? How do you decided that? And when is the 8th house for Death? I was reading someone's nativity chart, and come across this problem.
  9. Senecar

    Jung and Astrology

    I just have come across some books in Amazon for the subject. I am wondering if Jung had practiced any Astrology in his life time, or would it be just theoretical aspect of astrology from psychology he professes on how it works etc. I also wonder if any of you have read about Jung's...
  10. Senecar

    Met a Scorpio woman on the net

    I have met a Scorpio woman on the social network, and we got befriended. I don't even know her face or real name, but she is in her late 30s and professional, married with a child. I call her just L, because that's the initial of her nickname in the net, and she is very mysterious. This is my...
  11. Senecar

    My friend's natal chart with Solar Return

    Hi All One of my friend asked me to read her chart. I casted her natial chart, with Solar Return. What do you think? I know some details of her life stories via chat, so I can confirm some details from the chart and her real life. If you have anything in mind or would like to offer your...
  12. Senecar

    Missing books

    I cannot locate 4-5 books in the house. They are Philosophical books. I have definitely seen them last year, but then I moved quite a few books around while works being done on the walls of the house. So I have put some in the outside garden shed in a few boxes. I do have a few hundred books of...
  13. Senecar

    Horary in Sidereal Astrology

    Anyone use Horary charts based on Sidereal charts? Apparently Sidereal charts are real charts based on the constellation. Tropical charts are based on seasons, and the starting point of astrological year moves away every year. Could it be possible cause why your charts could have given wrong...
  14. Senecar

    Will trip success & safe?

    The querent's (Moon) trip is business nature, and long journey (9th house Saturn ==> 6th house). Will his trip success in financial goal and be safe return home? The trip itself looks success, but for the querent's safety, I am not sure about Saturn and Mars malefics Conjunct in 6th house. They...
  15. Senecar

    Daily prediction reading

    How and what method would you use to do daily astrological readings for yourself or anyone?
  16. Senecar

    Will he travel?

    Querent:1sthouseMercury Long distance travel 9th Venus I was studying this chart, and when it is read planets house placement priority then answer seems yes. But when it is read by planets aspects and strengths priority, then answer seems no. How would you read it?
  17. Senecar

    Locating Eclipse

    How do you locate Eclipse in Ephemeris?
  18. Senecar

    The Astrology of Death by R. Houck

    Managed to get hold of this classic astrology book. I wanted it from beginning of last year, but it was very hard to find being OOP. But finally showed up in the post after long search, and I am delighted. It looks another interesting book. They say the author had predicted his own death...
  19. Senecar

    Same ruler for Querent and Questid?

    There are cases in horary charts, where ruler of querent (1st house Libra = Venus) is same as the Questid (8th House Taurus = Venus). Is there any name for this situation? and does it have significance in making judgements?
  20. Senecar

    Arabic Parts in Hellenistic Astrology

    Hellenistic Astrologers, I would imagine, had been exchanging a lot of information and technicalities with Arabic Astrologers. How much then, have they inherited and integrated Arabic Astrological principles into theirs and by whom? For instance, how significantly have they used the Arabic...