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    Toil-Related Question

    I recently acquired a position at a place, and now I'm pretty much having very large second thoughts. My question was: should I quit X job and go elsewhere? I have figured that I could probably make as much as minimum wage (which seems to be what I will make) in a different job that doesn't...
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    11th House Saturn

    Generally speaking, what would Saturn in the 11th house determine for a horary question? It's interesting because the 11th house is considered to be fortunate while Saturn is the Greater Malefic. What to do, ho hum?
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    Difference in Dignity

    Hi guys. I had a question about horary en generale. I casted one recently and the significator in question was in fall as far as essential dignity goes. However, based on other factors in the chart, I ascertained that had a great deal of accidental dignity that "overrode" so to speak the...
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    Quick Transit Question

    Hey guys. How do I figure out when Pluto was at approximately 24* Sagittarius? And how do I do this process with other planets?
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    Two Transits - One Meaning?

    Hi guys. I looked at my chart and saw what might be an interesting configuration in upcoming years. In my natal chart i have Saturn & Uranus conjuncted and located near my Ascendant. While drawing up a chart recently to look at some information relating to a transiting pluto in opposition to...
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    World-Class Weirdo

    Hey guys. I thought I'd make a thread about some aspect of my life that has really been a staple. And that is: people telling me that I'm odd, weird, and strange. Heh. There seems to be no end of it! I kind of enjoy hearing about it, hehe. I'm pondering, though, which aspects in my natal...
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    Occult Interest

    Hi there guys. I recently got curious and wondered if the occult and magick will play a part in my life so long as it continues (>_>). So I made up a chart on the subject (the question got cut off in the graph.) Basically I asked: "Will the occult play a big part in the rest of my life?"...
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    Pars Fortunae Question

    Hey guys. I have my Pars Fortunae in the 1st house in Capricorn. It's conjunct Saturn and opposite my Moon. I wonder what a POF in Capricorn associated with a conjunction in Saturn has to do with anything. Maybe it makes it stronger or more beneficial? The opposition to the Moon doesn't look too...
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    Live Chat?

    Hey, How come noone's in the Live Chat? :P I've been frequenting it for the past couple days, and I've only met two people in there. Doesn't anyone like immediate responses ;)? Let's fill 'er up, in my opinion! Vardigon.
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    Hi Guys

    Hey everyone, I'm Vardigon (by nickname), a 20-year-old guy living on the East Coast of the USA. I'm interested in astrology (as of now, hehe), technology, fantasy, reading (a lot), psychics -- and physics, and the idea of "human potential." If I charm you for information, it might be because...
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    Possible Kite Formation?

    Hi there guys, I'm new to the forum. I've been studying astrology for a little while now, after being turned on to it by a friend of mine (Scorpio moon, ironically.) I recently looked up my visual natal chart, and discovered what aspects were. Up until now, I just looked at them and thought...