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  1. Skillcoil

    Career suggestions based on my chart

    Thank you.
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    The nodes indicate grandparents profession in Vedic Astrology?

    I remember reading a comment about how in Vedic Astrology the nodes could indicate a grandparents profession, but I haven't been able to find information about it. I'd like to know more about this, thanks.
  3. Skillcoil

    Trying to figure out the Nodes

    This thread is part of the "Read My Chart" section. I don't plan on adding more to this topic, so I've edited this to add this message. If anyone would like to discuss their chart and Nodes, they should either make a new thread or comment on a general thread, thanks.
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    Horary Question

  5. Skillcoil

    Planets near house cusps in my chart

  6. Skillcoil

    Jupiter sextile Jupiter?

    I'll have a Jupiter sextile Jupiter transit soon, it will last for a week, but I know someone whose had it for months. Why is this? :confused: [post was off-topic with original thread so moved to new thread - Moderator]
  7. Skillcoil

    Indicators of being influential in a natal chart

    Hello, I'm wondering, what are possible astrological indicators of being influential and/or having a strong impact on others? Thank you.
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    Mercury, Jupiter, Mars retrograde in a natal chart

    Hello, I have these 3 planets retrograde in my chart. I've been looking for other charts that have these three specific planets retrograde as well, but haven't really seen many charts where they all happen to be retrograde at the same time. I appreciate comments describing how these three...
  9. Skillcoil

    read my chart

    I'm not a male, I saw an old thread of yours and noticed you have an interesting perspective when interpreting a female's chart. I'm a lifepath 6 also btw. I added my chart in this comment without the details blocked.
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    Past life and Orcus

    Post deleted.
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    Jupiter Quincunx Neptune

    Thank you.
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    What does my chart say about fame?

    Looking through posts about fame, I've noticed that my chart is somewhat similar to a few people who have asked about fame in their natal charts. I'm wondering if, and how fame could be interpreted within my chart Comments are appreciated, thank you.
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    Concerned about Saturn transiting 8th house

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    Two questions relating to my chart

    Hello, I have two questions relating to my chart, - Why am I so connected to my Ascendant? I'm not sure why I feel so connected to my Ascendant, I don't think it's a mask, or persona, because I really identify with it. It might be because of the influence of Uranus and Saturn conjunct Moon...
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    Fixed stars in my natal chart

    Fixed stars in my natal chart. Thank you.
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    Question about career path

    Thank you.
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    Spiritual Connections

    Spirituality Question Thank you.