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    Transit neptune conjunct sun and ascendant

    Hello Dove, thanks a lot for taking the time to write and for your words. You are right, because I forgot to consider that I must also be aware of my descendant, that is neptune, I was just focused of myself and to survive this...thanks a lot:happy:
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    Transit neptune conjunct sun and ascendant

    Hello dear astrologers... I have transit neptune conjunction my natal sun and ascendent at 29 degrees would be nice to hear how others experienced the sun neptune or sun ascendt. conjunction. For me it feels like in a parallel universe, everything seems "floating away" and its...
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    Jupiter Chiron Neptune conjunction 26 Aquaruis

    Hello all. Amriley, I agree to your posting. I have sun and AC at the last degrees of Aquarius.So I have all kind of physical difficulties, sleeping disorders, problems in communication.. I noticed that in my friends with the contact of their sun with this constellation they lost their job...
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    Neptune square transits.. how to escape the cloud of confusion

    Hello Cara, your website is very nice. I have Neptun through my 12th house too and as I have Saturn 12th house square Neptune 8th house in my natal chart, I experienced Neptune conj, Saturn in 12 and this was then Neptune square Neptune too. As it was in my 12 th house, it happened through my...
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    Karmic place- leaving or stay and accept?

    Greetings fellow astrologers- I have an important question to clear. It would be very nice if you share some insights
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    Will somebody share his/her experience with Kundaliniawakening, also Kundalini"syndrome"- meaning the difficulties and health problems during this process? thanks a lot
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    Jupiter Chiron Neptune conj 23rd May

    Hello all, I have Sun conj. AC Aquarius at 28 ° so the stellium of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron is at my sun and the Ascendant now. Neptune is wandering to my in Aquarius for the last decade. So I am in this experience for longer, but now it feels like as everything is "floating away". I...
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    Hello...and greetings to all here

    Hello Aquarius 7000, thanks for your welcome words
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    Hello...and greetings to all here

    Hi, I am new here...and very glad to found this forum. I want to introduce myself a bit. I have an Aquarian Sun/ Conj. AQAsc , Merkur and Saturn in house Aquarian too, , an Uranus house at the DC- so this is a (very) lot of uranian/aquarian energy. Moon in Sag./9 th house. I am...