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    Help with Interpretation

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me understand my chart ruler and what this means for my love life (generally) as I am unsure how this translates: My Rising sign is Libra (Venus) and my natal Venus is in Virgo in my 12th house. I don't know how to interpret this in general...
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    Yod Interpretation

    Hello, I have a Yod with Pluto in 1st house sextile Neptune and Jupiter in 3rd house, quincunx NN in 8th house. Is anyone able to tell me what this could mean? I know people say NN doesn’t count to make this a Yod, but my NN is extremely prominent in my life and so I am sure that this...
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    AC/DC versus NN/SN

    I was hoping someone could help explain for clarity: I am realizing more and more how much I am like my mom and just how much we have to learn from one another after spending a lot of my life passing harsh judgment on her. As I look at our charts, I realize that while I have a Libra AC/Aries...
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    Solar Return Grand Earth Trine

    Today is my birthday and I thought I would pull up my Solar Return Chart. I notice there is a Grand Earth Trine with Sun (Virgo 8th H), Saturn (Cap 1st H) and Uranus (Tau 4th H). Can anyone give me insight into what this may mean for this period
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    My Niece and I

    I was wondering if someone could help me with some insight. My niece is just over a year old. I kind of feel like she is going to have some sort of special role in my life. When I took a look at our synastry (see attached), I see among other things: Her Venus Conjunct my Vertex Her Pluto...
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    Yod Help in Natal

    Hi, Would anyone be able to give me some insight for the following Yod in my natal chart? Apex: North Node (1-deg Gemini) 8th House Point A: Neptune (28-deg Sagittarius) and Jupiter (3-deg Capricorn) 3rd House Point B: Pluto (29-deg Libra) 1st House I am getting confused about what this may...
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    Natal Yod Help

    Hi, I am just coming into understanding of natal patterns. I have two t-squares and a yod. I think I understand t-squares a bit more than yods, so could someone give me insight into what this yod may mean for me in my life? Pluto in Libra Neptune in Sagittarius Jupiter in Capricorn North Node...
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    Composite Fire Grand Trine?

    Does the MC and the North Node count to comprise a grand trine or only planets?
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    Conjunction house question

    I don't understand what it means to determine what house an aspect is in in synastry. If person A's Saturn in their 8th house conjunct's person B's Neptune in their 3rd house, what house does the conjunction occur in? Thank you.
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    House jumping? Confused! Please help.

    I don't know my love interests date of birth so I have been playing around for fun to see what houses things would fall into at different times of the day. I go through the entire 24-hr cycle by hour (12:15pm, 1:15pm, etc). I decided to put in the time of 1:59pm because "4" seems to be a theme...
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    Alma/Moon Conjunct Double Whammy Synastry

    What does this mean exactly? What exactly would this indicate about the connection between two people? Also, if his Alma is also conjunct my sun and mercury. Thanks!
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    Same sign, no aspect venus-south node synastry

    Does it mean anything if you have a double-whammy same sign venus-south node but the orbs are too wide to aspect? I have a virgo venus, his south node is virgo. His venus is sag, my south node is sag. Does this mean the typical "soulmate/star-crossed lovers" wouldn't really apply?
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    Nessus conjunctions, but lots of Jupiter

    I was taking a look at the asteroid nessus. My nessus conjunct his moon and his nessus conjunct my venus. Should I run for the hills? We have (what I think are a lot of sweet aspects between us (a lot of jupiter). How might these nessus conjunctions play out in our case? I am sure it wouldn't...
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    Celebrity Synastry Charts

    I am puzzled by something: If orbs are the be-all and end all with synastry/composite charts, why do astrologers use celebrity charts as examples for longevity or friction when they have no idea of the time of birth for these individuals? They point out how "this aspect" looks, when they have...
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    Amor vs Valentine: Which is stronger?

    I have read different things. I don't think they necessarily have to be different since there are thousands of asteroids and cannot all mean something completely different. But just for fun, which do you guys think is stronger in synastry? Amor or valentine? I have read that Amor is like the...
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    Do sextiles count for Juno in Composite

    Or is it only Conjunctions?
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    Sun Moon Orb Synastry

    Is a 4-degree sun moon orb in synastry okay for at trine? What about a 4-degree moon saturn trine? Also, how would a moon-trine-saturn aspect look?
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    Aspects vs House Placements

    Which is holds more weight? Do asteroids in the houses mean anything?
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    No Venus Aspects in Synastry

    If there are no Venus aspects from either partner in synastry, but our composite has Venus Conjunct Sun and Venus Quintile Moon, what does this mean? In composite, we also have Venus sextile Neptune and Moon Trine Uranus. I kind of feel that what we are meant to be to each other is supposed...
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    Synastry asteroid conjunctions

    Does anyone have insight on any of these asteroid conjunctions? Who would feel what and what exactly they would feel? Thank you. Moon conj alma (double whammy) Sun conj alma Moon conj sappho Sun conj union Uranus conj fortuna Pluto conj destinn Pluto conj sappho