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    solar eclipse in D9 chart?

    I have a total solar eclipse in my D9 chart. Sun and moon in scorpio in 8th house:unsure: What does this mean for my future?
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    Am I just not cut out for this career?

    I failed my first semester at med school. I missed the passing mark by 1%. Should I repeat or drop out and do something else? :sad:
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    Aspects of a Psychopath

    Brain scans show that psychopaths lack any fear due to an unused or underdeveloped function of the amygdala. Uranus controls the amygdala right? So, what hard aspects on other planets in a natal horoscope would indicate pyschopathy. psychopaths are extremely reward driven. They could have had...
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    Help me figure out my chart

    I have always had trouble with expressing my emotions in a timely manner as well as verbalizing it. Lately, I decided to start to expressing myself a bit more, even if it doesn't seem right. And so, I can't decide if I have a short temper or if I'm just passive aggressive. It's strange cause...
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    Moon in 5 degrees aquarius

    Recently, I have come across couples and best friends who have their moon conjunct the other person's sign at the same degree. I have noticed that such people can literally become telepathic with one another. To such a point that they can predict when the other is going to message or call...
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    Aspiring to be in the medical field

    Please read my chart in terms of career.
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    I have psychic dreams about things that will happen

    Can you tell if someone is psychic by reading thir chart. If so, where does it show on my natal chart? Also, how do you analyze the d9 chart for what your future life will most likely manifest? 1st house - moon in aquarius 4th house - south node in taurus 6th house - mars in cancer retrograde...