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    Double G.Trine Kite in Solar Return

    Hello... I need some help! I'm kind of new to Solar Returns (and still not even sure if I believe it works.) But.. this is mine for this year. But.. there's like a "double' Grand Trine (Pluto and Jupiter both aspect) and the the opposition to Neptune. I have no clue how to interpret this...
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    Share Mercury Retro stories?

    So.. today Mercury retrogrades at 10 degrees Pisces, conjunct Uranus. I have the cusp of House 1 and 2 at 10 degrees Pisces. And get this... My laptop battery broke down today!!! I had to call customer service, and they're sending me a new battery.. because mine won't hold a charge anymore...
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    A Unifying Theory of Everything.

    This topic is something that has been bothering me for a long time... Astrology. Numerology. Chakras. Reincarnation. Souls. Spirits. I Ching. Tao. Feng Shui. Palmisty. Tarot. Qabbalah. The list can go on and on forever... But, how is it all related? WHY is it all related? IS it all related...
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    ...I Ching..?

    Hey... wondering if anyone knows anything about I Ching.. And if anyone does, what is the poing of the cards? Why can't you just use coins? I don't see the purpose in an I Ching deck, but I'm very interested in it....
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    The Astrologer's Complex!

    *gasp!* Ok, so here's my problem. Right now, I have like no energy.. ever. I try to exercise, I try to get straight A's (which I DID get this quarter.. but I was 5 points short of an A in French class!) I try to practice my violin a lot, I work part-time like 15 hours a week.. and I have to...
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    Calculating EXACT position of Moon?

    Ok.. so 3 different sources give me 3 different locations for the moon when I was born. One says 6 degress Virgo, one says 15 degrees Virgo, and the other - 26 degrees Virgo. I understand that it doesn't matter that much, but it can change the House position of my moon. I KNOW I have the...
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    Religious Basis for Astrology?

    Ok, just wondering.... let's say that I'm an atheist. But, I believe and practice astrology. I don't think that the planets are "gods" or anything... I don't even really believe that we all have souls. Yet... I still believe and practice astrology. What does that make me then? Would I have to be...
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    Just curious

    I've been exploring a few different astrology programs now... but I'm wondering if anyone has run into the same issue I have with these programs. For some reason, no program lets me see ALL the planets in natal, progressed and transits on the same chart. They always go "Sun to Mars as...
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    Please help quickly!

    Ok.. so I have some friends you are being really annoying about my obession with astrology. They claim its horribly false, there's not basis for it.. and they're really mean about it too, calling me stupid, an idiot, etc etc... So, I decided that maybe.. if I can accurately predict something...
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    Mars+Pluto+Galactic Center = ?

    AH! On January 13th, Mars conjuncts Pluto over the Galactic Center! Are we all going to die or something!? Hahaha... anyone know what kind of these we can expect? I really want to make an accurate prediction.. gotta prove this stuff to some people. What if nothing happens? I predict some...
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    No Comprendo-ing the whole Solar Return thing...

    Ok... so.. I don't understand how to use my Solar Return chart? I know that it compares my birthplace with reference place.. but... I'm lost. Here's my apparent Solar Return chart. I think. I think I have some cool-looking shapes though! Haha... Grand Trine of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn...
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    You've gotta hear this.

    Ok.. I've been really busy so I haven't had much time for astrology in months... but I heard on the news that Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are aligning right now... and I know it's in Sagittarius (well, astrologically speaking, if you go outside and look for yourself, you can see clearly the...
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    Ariel Sharon - Could die soon.. any astrologic connection? There's his chart. I just saw on the news he's in the hospital... with massive organ failure. The Sun is currently opposing his natal Pluto. Also, Chiron is squaring Chiron. I think the 8th house represents death... but not much seems to...
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    Saturn goes Retro!

    Ah! Tuesday the 22nd Saturn goes retrograde at 12 degrees Leo! Whhooaa! Saturn will be squaring Mars and also opposing Neptune (with Mars squaring Neptune of course!) Some crazy stuff's gonna happen on the 22nd...
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    I hate precession!

    Ok.. this kinda pisses me off. I know a little about astronomy too, and I can walk outside right now and CLEARLY see that the Moon is RIGHT in the sign of Gemini. But... all the sites tell me that the moon is in Cancer.. because of precession.. I honestly don't know if I agree with how we...
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    6 planets in one sign.. holy ****!

    A friend of mine has SIX planets in Capricorn! A stellium is five... any words for six? How should this be interpreted? Does that give Capricorn a greater influence in his chart than his rising and sun sign?
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    How exactly is "Lilith" interpreted?

    Ok... what do you do with "Lilith?" I've heard that it's about secrets, cover-ups, scandals, and anything bad that is unseen. But it really just has me confused. It's just a mathematically calculated point in the Moon's orbit? How so..? What does it mean?
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    For the sake of astrology, help me with this interpretation!

    OK, I'm trying to prove astrology to my friends by making predictions about them. I chose December 9th and 10th of 2005 because Mars goes Direct. Here is one chart. Natal in the center. Dec 10th on the outside: Libra is her ruling sign, House 7 her ruling house, and Venus her ruling planet...
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    How many degrees away can it be from being an aspect?

    Let's say, for example, the Moon is at 5 degrees Gemini. Also, Mars is at 9 degrees Gemini, and Jupiter at 28 degrees Taurus. Are they all conjuncting, or are they too far apart? Can a difference of, say, 85 degrees be considered a square? What about 88 degrees? And the same for everything...
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    Uranus goes direct

    November 15th, 7 degrees Pisces, Uranus goes direct! What could this mean? Nothing is 7 degrees in my chat, so it doesn't really matter.