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    Rx Mars stone

    Im curiously inquiring which gemstone would be beneficial for rx mars?
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    Missing Phone

    I misplaced my phone sometime this morning. Have been looking since. Not sure if the phone traveled along with my daughter or if my dog ran off with it. I kinda need it. The moon and 2nd house ruler are applying a trine. So I feel like it will be recovered. Does anyone have any idea where it...
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    Time is near "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our...
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    Is the price right?

    If someone was helping say a child 5th house sell an item, that wasnt a land property sell something, would I use my 2nd or the 2nd from the 5th? I listed a laptop for my daughter, and I am trying to figure out if I listed it too high. It has had a couple offers at the same price, but a few...
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    7th house transit

    Can a marriage survive a Uranus 7th house transit? What if 7th ruler is in the 7th and Uranus transit it. venus in depositing Uranus in taurus.
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    Pizza sleuthing

    I casted a chart of who sent the pizza. I have an elderly neighbor whom is sick and currently taking aggressive chemotherapy. So I'm not sure if the combination of age and chemotherapy is making her a bit loopy or if its someone(her other neighbor) acting immature. The reason I raise this issue...
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    Different curses

    I was watching a video talking about the the great conjunction curse of the presidents during inauguration. The research behind the curse showed the common transit during the charts of the former president was saturn/Mars. I was curious to know if there is evidence to show a curse between...
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    I recently (4-6) got two animals. Both are sisters. I had a concern yesterday that warranted for me to cast a chart. I am not sure but I think I had overwritten the chart due to storage space on my account. The came concern cropped up again today and I did cast a 2nd chart. The one I am...
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    Which house to use/is saturn signifactor

    I had a question that crossed my mind and unsure which house to use and signifactor. The question was when will cannabis be legal in my state. Would I use 10th for my state and saturn as the signifactor
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    pseudocyesis Or maybe a little mental illness. Chart signifactor is combust retrograde and in detriment. But does not answer what is going on except confusion. I found a snippet of out dr baker referencing queen Elizabeth but the page I found did not go into detail. I do not own the book to...
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    Missing Thread?

    I was reading a thread yesterday. I believe katydid and waybread were working on the thread. I didnt get a chance to log in and view the chart and now I cant find it. It was in regards to a prosecution case of her boyfriend. Where or what was the title of that thread. Thanks
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    Hey Sun.... what Uranus. Watch this

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    Will dress arrive in time?

    Trying to determine if this dress will arrive in time. I am not sure why I was under the impression the dress was sold and shipped within the states. Upon tracking details I learned it was coming overseas, and the only update on the tracking page is a tariff dispute and no further tracking is...
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    fouled up knee

    I casted a chart trying to determine if I need to have my knee checked. I fouled it up some months back. As it was occasional pain at first, its progressively getting worse. anything serious the financial aspect concerns me. newly been trying to study sidereal. hence why I posted this style...
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    Which house to use

    Had a question. Unsure which house to use. Question was should we keep this animal. Backstory. My son 5th house was asked by a friend turned 3rd to pet sit turned 8th for a week. 4 months later they have not picked up the animal. So I was debating whether to call to have them pick it up or...
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    Where are the keys?

    missing my shed keys. Kinda important as the temp has dropped and I need to get my chickens water heater out. My husband starting to get upset as he needs them too. The last aspect from asc was to the moon, but before that I cleaned out the coop 5 days ago showing a separating aspect from...
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    Job application

    Will I hear from said job? I applied for a job. It has been approximately 10 years since I have had a job. Chart ruler venus, is not good shape and in terms of saturn. Saturn semisquares asc. The job, Moon, also in terms of Saturn, moon makes no direct aspect to venus but does sextile my...
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    Hired help/contractors 6th house?

    Is hired help/contractors 6th house?
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    Random Package

    My husband had a random package show up yesterday. We have no idea who sent it, but it was clearly a mistake. I am sure whoever the package is intended for is looking for the item. We checked all our banking to make sure we werent hacked. There was no return address or nothing inside to...
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    The right fit

    I understand as adolescence entering college often change their minds and switch majors. its part of finding identity and self discovery. My daughter had given the impression she was interested education/teaching, but upon her application, she listed biology/pre-med. She is focused on a...