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  1. Lemmpi

    Waiting a phone call

    facebook direct download He was supposed to take contact to me. Now it’s been 23 days since we last were in contact. It’s 7th house question. Who does it seem? Are we going to see each other anytime soon? I’m feeling super annoyed. It seems he isnot definitely serious with me.
  2. Lemmpi

    Healing and moving on?

    I have been struggling in relationships area. I asked when I will be in relationships that works / when I will be ready to be I’m equal safe relationship? I have trusting issues etc and always end up being hurt in relationship. But there was not anyone in my mind when i asked this question. In...
  3. Lemmpi

    When will I leave?

    I hate my job currently. Covid-19 is also making everything so h a r d to do in my job. My question is when will I leave my job? Or maybe I will be fired. I’m totally fed up. Moon will square 10th house Uranus soon. Is this it? I don’t know why my significator is at 5th house but it is 8th from...
  4. Lemmpi

    When will i date again?

    I’m asking again (did so couple of months ago too :( ) when will I date? Moon’s last aspect is trine to Saturn before it change sign. It’s 10 degrees apart. Is this valid? Also is Jupiter translating light between moon and Jupiter or is Mercury interfering? I’m moon and 7th house ruler Saturn...
  5. Lemmpi

    Dating soon?

    Will we start to date and form relationship during October? I would like to be in relationships with my friend so much. It seem that there is possibility as Venus will trine Mars and moon translates light? It will make first opposition to L1 and then sextile to L7. He, L7 Mars ,is inside 7th...
  6. Lemmpi

    Change? When?

    I have had deep feelings towards my friends. I seems tone doomed. I’m too afraid of talking about it with him..again. We had discussions about 6 months ago. He did tell me directly that he isn’t feeling the same. But didn’t return my feelings. Maybe he doesn’t want to lose my friendships...
  7. Lemmpi

    When will i date?

    I don't have anyone in my life right now. My question is when will I date seriously? I was taken aback when I saw that venus right on descendant. What does that mean? My future guy has someone else? Moon will square saturn and jupiter (me) will conjuction saturn. What is that? Something blocking me?
  8. Lemmpi


    Is there possibility for pregnancy during next 1,5 year? I have been seeing someone I really like and I hope he would be the one I finally settle down with. 5th ruler moon is at 1st house and Sun is translating light between me mars and the child moon (square and sextile). But I’m at 8th and he...
  9. Lemmpi

    Will it go forward?

    Will we become a couple? I’m Saturn at my own house and he is Moon at his house. Moon is in Libra so it exalts Saturn. So he likes me and is receiving me well? Moon’s next aspect is square to Saturn? I’m cranky towards him at the moment precisely as i feel he doesn’t care about me as much as I...
  10. Lemmpi

    Will he visit me?

    soda alum I’m fallen ill and not able to attend one meeting I should next week. I’m asking if he (love interest) will visit me at my home next Thursday and bring me my stuff. Maybe making tea to me too :D there is applying aspect and moon is also translating light from him Venus to me. But...
  11. Lemmpi

    Will we like me, will he make a move?

    My question is if this new guy I met at work likes me and if he ask me out? We have been hanging together already. There is applying square between our significators Mercury and Jupiter. But as I’m faster moving planet is it so that I will ask him? Venus is on asc and it’s ruling my house of...
  12. Lemmpi

    Will I be fired ;(?

    They are letting people go from my workplace and they will make notifications latest next Wednesday. Will I be one of the unlucky ones and lose my job ;(? Asc is late so maybe they did already decide who goes and who stays. Moon will square me Mars and them trine 10th ruler 10th ruler Saturn. So...
  13. Lemmpi

    Old love

    I met tonight a man a was in love 10 years ago. It was nice meeting and I was wondering if something happened between us again? I’m Saturn and he is moon. There is applying trine between our significators. We are both at our own houses and moon will first square Jupiter. I’m not sure if the...
  14. Lemmpi

    Will he take contact to?

    Will he take contact to me during weekend? We were going to take his kids and my nephew to the park. I would prefer that he would ask me rather than me calling to him. He is love interest of mine but not active enough for my taste. Moon will sextile next his significator Mars, so he will take...
  15. Lemmpi

    Will he ask me out?

    Will he ask me out? He is mars and I’m Venus. Mars will Conjunct with his 3th house ruler Mercury and it’s received by sign and exaltation. This is the only sign in my opinion that he would ask me out. Is this correct?
  16. Lemmpi

    Will we meet again?

    I met interesting guy at gig and I’m hoping I could meet him again and go to date perhaps. There is sextile between lord 1 & 7 but Venus meets Saturn first. Is that prohibition?
  17. Lemmpi

    Traveling to see my ex..

    Things changed just after I draw this chart..but I try to explain. I agreed to go to see my ex next weekend and spent Easter holidays together. And talk about everything that happened between us. Needless to say I have been feeling itchy and wondering is this right move for me. As it seems he...
  18. Lemmpi

    Will I get the award?

    upload image I think this is a interesting chart as 7th house ruler is at my house and not making any aspects. 10th ruler (jury/award?) is sitting at 11th house of hopes and wishes. It’s only making sextile to Moon. I’m exalted but at 12th house. Uranus is near to asc so some surprising/sudden...
  19. Lemmpi

    Relationship with my coworker?

    My question is will there be relationship between us and when it will start? He is my co-worker. I think he likes me back :) Moon is translating light between mars and Venus. But he is at his third house? And I’m at my fifth with moon. So if it happens it’s not serious or?
  20. Lemmpi

    Will there be relationship?

    Update: Will there be relationship? Will we enter in to a relationship? His significator Mercury is at my house and in my sign. So it’s emplacement? But it’s about change sing. I’m Jupiter at 8th. So I’m feeling depressed? There is applying square between us. Maybe something happens in 7...