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    Indications that this is the native’s last incarnation

    Peace upon all, What do you think indicates in a chart that this is the native’s last incarnation?
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    Venus and Chastity

    Peace upon all, Traditional texts say that a «*good*» Venus (in dignity, free from infortunes, etc.) gives chastity and a «*bad*» Venus the opposite. (Specially once configured to Mars or a bad Mercury) It is important to note that by Chastity, they mean no «*illegitimate*» sex i. e., out of...
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    All Time Lord Techniques

    Peace to you all, Let this thread be a comprehensive list of all Time Lord Techniques from all the traditions, like Hellenistic, Medieval, Vedic et al. Please list every timing technique that you know with its explanation and say what it is used for if it has a special use. Also it is...
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    Which Divisional Chart Should I Read to Judge A Contest?

    Hi all, I am new to Vedic astrology, so please correct me if I’m wrong. If you want to see how someone would fare in a contest, which divisional chart would you use? Thank you.
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    Does making a prophecy changes the outcome?

    Hi all, I have heard it said a lot that making a prophecy changes the outcome. The reasoning goes like this: Suppose you are going to pass your exam. Then you consult an oracle and it tells you so. Then, you become complacent because of this new knowledge and don’t study as hard and you fail...
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    Astrology of Hair Loss

    Hello everyone! I am new to Medical Astrology and I am researching the indications and remedies for hair loss and male baldness. Not less because I am affected by it. I have seen some ancient authors mention baldness when talking about the appearance of a native. For example, (if my memory...
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    Where is my Tiger’s Eye?

    Hello everyone, I have a fondness for semiprecious stones and have a couple of them. I keep them all together, but one of them has gone missing and I searched everywhere to no avail; my Tiger’s Eye. Can anybody tell me where else to look? Thanks
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    Free Astrological Software Recommendations

    Hello everyone!:biggrin: I am looking for a free Astrological software that can show as much of these in the SAME chart: * Tropical Zodiac * Sidereal Zodiac (preferably Islamic and Iranian sidereal, not Vedic) * True constellations * Lunar Mansions (again, preferably Arabic, not Vedic) *...