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    Will she get back with her ex?

    Hello everybody. I've been in a relationship with this girl for 4 months now. We love each other, we're very happy together and everything seems to be working great. But I'm in a delicate situation here. She has many many friends and some ex-boyfriends that she keeps contact with. She spent more...
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    Military Career

    Hello everybody. I use to watch this forum a long time ago. I studied astrology for some years but I'm a little out now. I'm brazilian and I passed the exams to the Military Academy (Army) from here and I'll join it in a couple of months. I'd really enjoy some insights on my birth chart...
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    Interpretation Methods

    After reading many books, and stuff, I tried a method of my own, a method that is actually used by many astrologers. This one is mostly based on Tracy Marks's method of considering the most outstanding features of the chart. I made a preliminary synthesis of what I think, are the most important...
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    Chossing career

    What kinds of professions would you associate with this person and why?? Oct 11 1988/ 19:02 (BZT2) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (it gives Taurus rising at 4º). Sorry, don't know how to post the image of the chart.
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    Additional considerations in Chart Interpretation

    I was thinking about additional points and information that personalize even more the interpretation. Such things like, Fixed Stars, critical degrees, midpoints in conjunction to planets... and so on. I wanna know how do you use them and which do you use. I'm specially concerned with midpoints...
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    Progressed planets changing signs

    I'm trying to do a forecast report for myself of most important transits and progressions. I have natal Venus in Virgo, rulling Sun, Mercury and Ascendant, so it's a very important planet. And I noted it's going to change form Virgo to Libra in November. I am having a hard time trying to...
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    I am trying to stabilish an organized method for forecasting, specially long-term forecasting, as I'm tired of losing myself in small day-to-day transits. I know most of the forecasting techniques, in teory. So I listed some past events for research, like robbery and runned over by car, etc...
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    Contract for apartment renting

    Tommorow morning my parents are going to sign a contract for an apartment renting, and they will receive the key. It's already scheduled. May 17 2006, 11:00 AM (BZT2) - Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Thank you for any help.
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    Apartment Renting

    Can I interpret a chart of the time a person visit/view an apartament for rent the same way I interpret a horary chart?? Like, my parents went to view an apartament today in determined hour, and if they liked, they probably asked themselves the possibility of renting it. Then, they would be...
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    New Moon conjunct natal Jupiter

    Well, I don't have much experience with lunations in aspect with natal planets. The new moon in Gemini will fall exactly (10 minutes) on my Jupiter, that is in my 2nd house and will trine my MC. Also, transiting Saturn will be in sextile to the new moon and also to my Jupiter. Take a look...
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    Pallas on Midheaven

    I don't usually, acctually almost never, use asteroids and other bodies in Astrology, but I've been getting curious about the influence of Pallas in tight conjunction to it. I've been thinking that, maybe, the use of such bodies and even fixed stars, can be used to refine and individualize the...
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    Out-of-sign aspects in Synastry

    How to interpret aspects in synastry, if for example: Sun 27º Aquarius in Trine with Moon 0º Scorpio??? The orb is tight enough to be considered a trine, but the signs, are actually in square. In synastry it's much enphasized the compatibility by sign and element. I putted this just as an...
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    Well, I am interested in someone (a far cousin), she doesn't live near but I'll probably have the opportunity to see her in a vacation or something like that. She doesn't know I'm attracted to her and I'm not pretensious to have an estabilished "love affair", even because she lives in another...
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    Is she attracted to me???

    I have a far cousin, whose I met late last year (she lives in another State), but we (me and other family members) got contact witth her and the rest of the family, early last year, by internet and phone. When I saw her picture, I though "oh, what a pretty girl". I was really admired with her...
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    Identifiyng Chart Patterns

    Hi, as I said in another thread I'm finally begginin the interpretation of my chart. Analysed the hemispheres, quadrants, but I'm having dificult to identify a pattern. If you can help: Oct 11 1988 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (22 S 54/ 43 W 14) - 19:02 (BZT2) Ps: Asc is 4º Taurus. My chart isn't...
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    Natal Chart Interpretation Method

    Hi, I study Astrology for almost 3 years and although I have good knowledge, I lack a little in practical experience. As I'm finally going to interpret my chart, I want to do it in a practical and wise manner, to avoid tendencious behaviour, as I could unconsciously manipulate the reading. What...
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    Military Service

    Hi, I'm 17 and near of the obligatory Military Service (here in Brazil), so as I have until April 30 to do my enlistment, I want to choose the best day to do it, because this way i can deal well with authorities and maybe have good oportunities and other things. If someone can help me with the...
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    Endocrine Glands and Growth

    I've read that Growth hormone is ruled by Jupiter and the pituitary gland by Jupiter or Uranus. As I still have little to grow, I'd like to know if transits to these would stimulate the hormones... as I could choose better moments to take on deeper sleep and proper exercises.
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    James Bond Actors and Astrology

    I am a very fan of James Bond, and with the choice of Daniel Craig to play Bond, I got curious about the relation between the actors and character, astrologically speaking. I started a research of birth dates of Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan, also Daniel Craig. Found the first...
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    Driving Ability

    Although I am young to drive, I was wondering if am I going to be a good driver, I really like cars and high speed excites me. A friend of mine is going to take me to drive kart. As I am anxious I'd like to know if is it easy to identify a person's good coordination, and the proper abilty to...