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  1. fensi88

    Champions League: Man City vs Borussia Dortmund

    Chart data: 14 Sep 2022 TZ = -1.0 8.0000 P.M. 2w12 53n28 ASC=16Ar54 As Man.City home kit is blue they are represent by DSC ruler Venus. So, Borussia Dortmund as their oponent is represent by ASC ruler Mars. Accidential dignities for Mars is +12 while for Man.City -2. So dignities...
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    Fulham vs Brentford

    Chart data: 20 Aug 2022, 0w13 51n28, 3pm TZ= -1 ASC=2Sag29 As Fulham home kit is white they are represented by DSC ruler Mercury. Brentford away kit is blue so they are represented by ASC ruler Jupiter rx. Dignities are in favor of Mercury, and as Moon has square with POF that means...
  3. fensi88

    Liverpool vs Milan

    Liverpool FC V AC Milan Wed 15 Sep 2021, 8:00pm Anfield ASC=18Ar02 The Moon is in detriment The Moon's dispositor is retrograde ASC ruler Mars and DSC ruler Venus are peregrine...
  4. fensi88

    Will Kimi Raikkonen remain at Ferrari for the 2019 Formula 1 season?

    I cast the chart for my question : 01 Jun 2018 TZ = -2.0 5:31P.M. 20e29 44n48 ASC=10Sco22 As I am his fan, Kimi is represented by ASC ruler Mars. Oh, nooo... Mars is in close conjunction with South Node. Conjunction with one of the Moon's Node is a factor that can decide a chart on...
  5. fensi88

    Super Bowl 52

    New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles As New England Patriots will wear white kit they are represeted with ASC ruler Sun. Unfortunately it is in close conjunction with South Node. A significator conjunct the South Node is greatly weakened, so my prediction is that New England Patriots...
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    Sports astrology sites...

    How to predict result of some match:
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    Can Chelsea defeat Tottenham?

    I got email from rob9 with question: I am a huge Chelsea fan, we have an important game as league leaders against Tottenham tomorrow. My question is can Chelsea defeat Tottenham in this crucial away fixture? I cast the chart for the moment I understand his question and that is 31.dec 2014 5:19pm...
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    Where is the Malaysian plane?

    The flight disappeared from civilian radar screens shortly before 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur, as it flew northeast across the mouth of the Gulf of Thailand bound for Beijing. What happened next is one of the most baffling mysteries in modern...
  9. fensi88

    My lucky element?

    Here is my chinese chart. I am confused. What is my lucky element? Someone said that it is element with lesser weight (score), in that case that will be "Fire", but someone said because scores of "Metal +Soil" are to high to balance, then "Water+Wood+Fire" as enemy cannot fight with "Metal...
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    Will 2012 be good for me?

    What do you think, will 2012 be good for me? In attachment I send my chinese chart. Thanks for your analyse :happy:
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    marriage time?

    I am interested in what do you think, when my daughter has most chance to marry according to natal chart (or some other method)? Here are the data: 13 june 1980 3:50am gmt+1 Beograd, Srbija ASC=20Ge27 Thanks!
  12. fensi88

    predict near future?

    When you want to see what is in store for you next month do you get better(correct) results if you look transit planets upon natal chart or transit planets upon solar return chart?
  13. fensi88

    Qatar Exxon Mobil Open, Doha

    Today we have match between Troicki and Nadal. I would like to try Sela's method which include transits but in tennis, so not transits of chouaches but transits of players. Here what I found for todays transits for Troicki and Nadal: Troicki ---------- 02/10/1986 12:00 - Adjust 0.00 - Julian...
  14. fensi88

    World Cup, France vs Ireland

    World Cup, France - Ireland We all see (except referee) how William Gallas scored crucial goal for France.The ball found the net after Thirrey Henry literally handed the ball to Gallas. You can see it here: But can this be seen...
  15. fensi88

    Will LA Galaxy be winner this year MLS CUP?

    Will LA Galaxy be winner this year MLS CUP? Here is the chart for my question. As I supports LA Galaxy, I would give them the Ascendant and ruler Me; Real Salt Lake would be the 'open enemy': seventh house ruler Ju. Me is combust. Not a good start at all. It is always an evil testimony...
  16. fensi88

    At what time will my daughter come? Will her boyfried come too?

    I invite my daughter and her boyfriend to come to me at lunch, but she said she can not preciese time because her boyfriend is at another country and have to come tomorrow or day after tomorrow. She said if he comes tomorrow thay will come late in the afternoon. As I want to prepare some lunch...
  17. fensi88

    Wimbledon 2009

    This is the "kick /off" chart for Wimbledon 2009. As we see most strenght planet if we look acc dig in this chart is Sa=18, and ruler of 10th house, house of success, is Me and its 1st aspect is with Sa. Sa is in Vi sign and we now that Switzerland is ruled by this sign, so my prediction is that...
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    Chinese astrology-Who will win today?

    As you know, today in Champions leaugue(football) we have 2 matches. I would like to hear if someone of Chinese astrology fan can predict who will win today in these matches: Chelsea vs Liverpool Bayern vs Barcelona Here is my opinion: Chelsea is founded in Snake year. Liverpool is founded in...
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    Watch free live sports!

    Yesterday I had luck and found this site: Enjoy!
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    UEFA Champions league 2009

    I look at chart for match Real Madrid vs Liverpool: 25 Feb 2009 20:45 CET, Madrid ASC=28Vi42 Both rulers are in 5 house, both has one aspect with Moon, accid.dig for Me=15 for Ju=16, if we add ess.dig. we get Me=24 Ju=16, so again it is not big differnece, so in my opinion it will be draw but...