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  1. Rebel Uranian


    I was reading through a thread and thinking about other threads by people who ask why they're a loner. I then thought that if someone is a loner, why should thy care what other people think? My first thought is that they weren't actually loners, but only loners relative to most human beings...
  2. Rebel Uranian

    Why It Is Impossible to Live

    (If you don't know the title reference, ignore the title.) I've observed that on one hand, things do have identities independently and not relative to everything else, but also that a unified whole is more than the sum of its parts. Both are concepts that are impossible to explain through...
  3. Rebel Uranian

    Lack of Motivation

    Recently I've been getting to the point where it's very difficult to find the motivation to do anything besides a few activities that I like. I'm gradually getting pleasure from fewer and fewer things. It's not laziness in the typical sense, but more like anhedonia, apathy, passivity, etc. Does...
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    For those of you who don't know what it means, it's not schizophrenia: 1. Psychology . of or pertaining to a personality disorder marked by dissociation, passivity, withdrawal, inability to form warm social relationships, and indifference to praise or criticism. ( Out of...
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    My other thread got moved to the wrong place, and misinterpreted anyways. I think I'm paranoid. Not like "anxious and suspicious" paranoid but like "I think people are out to get me and if they don't show it they're just hiding it" paranoid (hence the Medical Astrology classification). Also...
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    A Wee Problem

    I think I'm becoming paranoid. Today I kept thinking about how people were trying to hurt me until I realized how silly it sounded and there was evidence to the contrary. I still can't stop thinking that certain people are trying to hurt me though and I want to stop it because I don't want my...
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    What happened to the Quoting Thread? I wanted to see the replies to it : ( Also I was posting some good stuff that was relevant to topics on other threads.
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    Solved Franz Kafka See the asteroid Kafka? At the day of his (Kafka's) birth, that was at 18 52 Cancer. We all know that asteroids and planets have the...
  9. Rebel Uranian

    David Bowie the Unicorn Words that embody your presence are "Contract, Harmony, Indulgence, Judgment, Pattern, Puppet, Terror, Thirst, Unicorn, Uranus". Words that embody the people or things that you interact with...
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    The Problem with Horoscopes, Numerology, etc.

    What time does the baby come into existence? Conception? Birth? The time the doctor looks at the clock? What is the baby's real name? The first name the parent came up with but decided against, or the one on the certificate that no one could quite get used to? The point is... how do we decide...
  11. Rebel Uranian

    Extremely Disturbed

    (Please forgive my sloppy typing) Many of the astrological sign (and to a lesser degree planets and aspects) descriptions deeply disturb me. They give descriptions of conditions that should be treated clinically such as depression and personality disorders and try to re-label them, likely...
  12. Rebel Uranian

    The Power is Within

    I was thinking about crystal healing the other day. Then I thought: We ingest a significant amount of minerals, accidentally or on purpose, all the time, and the amount is enough to produce an effect, since it does not take very much of a mineral to produce an effect. After that I wondered if we...
  13. Rebel Uranian

    The Moon & Sun & talents

    This is about as unorthodox as it gets. Read. The Moon stands for our natural receptivity. It makes us sensitive. It might also have to do with low LI and introversion. Venus is similar. Basically, these planets have the most to do with factors associated with "giftedness." Low LI also leads to...
  14. Rebel Uranian

    Big Five Non-Luminaries

    Without the luminaries the Sun and Moon, there are five planets. Never mind that most cultures seem to have five elements rather than the Greek four. Intellect (Openness) - Mercury - Mercury is intellectual and curious. Duh. Extraversion - Jupiter - Jolly Jovial Jupiter. Extraversion here is...
  15. Rebel Uranian

    I Ching

    One day, I was reading about the I Ching. I was like "OK, I got this. It really is sweet and simple." ...Until they started throwing in all sorts of weird interpretations and psychology and stuff. The Abysmal doesn't represent a universal concept of control and danger at every turn, it...
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    Personality Testing

    I know there are other threads about personality tests. This is formalized testing, not "oh, I'm an *insert four letters here.*" "Cool, I'm *insert a different four letters here.*" Take a Myers-Briggs test, be completely honest about what is, not what "I think would be" or "I think should be" or...
  17. Rebel Uranian

    The Fundamental Traits of Planets (and other things)

    I'm going to be developing a fundamental trait list and a bunch of other lists and, as someone put it, "Hierarchical Saturnian" stuff, because before I know what I'm working with, I can't work with anything, and neither should anyone else, because that creates safety issues in real life, such as...
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    I'm an astro-psychological impossibility!

    [Never mind, will add specific points if thread is bumped.]
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    Cognitive Bias and Research

    I've seen tons of cognitive bias when determining whether or not a chart reading is correct. The best way to avoid this is to memorize one or another list of informal fallacies. If you don't mind (or even if you do,) I'm going to rant about my issues for legitimate educational purposes. I...
  20. Rebel Uranian

    Why is melancholy bad?

    Sanguine should be bad. There is something quite wrong with you if you are all cheerful all the time. Air is just too superficial for me. ***** happiness. It is overrated.