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    Who tried to kill my mother? Not a joke

    I just called my mother to see how she was doing and found out that she was attacked last night in her hotel while sleeping. The person went in to her room and tried to smother her. My mother is 73 years old but managed to fight back somehow, Thank God. The person left because of the dog...
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    Will X and I sleep together?

    Alright, think what you may. Is it an immoral question? I don't think so. Why? Because in order for me to ever agree to sleep with him in the first place we would have to be in a serious relationship. In order for us to finally have a relationship would mean that several major changes would...
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    late degrees, dignities etc.

    Hello all, Please take a look at the chart below. I have a few questions: 1) Several (six) planets are in late degrees. I've learned that they should be viewed as being in the next "House." If so, then how would that effect their dignities. For instance, if the Sun should be taken as being...
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    Communications technique question

    Hello All, I cast a chart the other day regarding an email I recieved. My basic question was "What is the sender's intention as per this email?" I read through a LOT of posts and saw that in the vast majority of times communications horaries were being interpreted very similar to...
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    Got me a Solar Fire Gold

    OK, so now I'm all full of myself... Let's see how the learning curve goes....:unsure: **Doin' the touch-down dance
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    Buried feelings

    Hi All, My question is: Does he have buried romantic feelings for me? He's an unrequited love of mine that I haven't had contact with recently. He is not expressing anything towards me outwardly at the moment. So I wondered whether he still harbored romantic feelings for me somewhere in...
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    Pluto, Mars, Uranus 8h trine Venus

    Hi Forum, An aquaintance asked me to read his chart. I have his permission to post it here for additional takes. OK, Earth triplicity rulers: Moon, Venus and Mars. Moon is angular, but peregrine Venus is angular, in domicile but it's getting burned by the sun Mars is succedent but...
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    What is this woman up to?

    Hello forum, I just recieved a telephone call from a woman who my husband is "friends" with. She called to ask about some graphics courses. Evidently, she needs to learn graphics and was wondering if I would teach her or if not, where she can take them. Then she started asking me about giving...
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    Daughters as talk show hosts?

    Hi forum, Today 3 of my daughters auditioned to host a children's/teens television show. Seeing how well the 3 of them interracted with each other, the producers began to consider offering all 3 of them their own show whereas they would discuss age related topics and have a question/answer...
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    Natal Pride and Wish List

    What aspects and/or placements in your natal chart are you the happiest with? And- If you could go under the cosmic knife and change something in your chart what would it be? (I hope this is the right forum section to post this in) Ok, I'll start I have a JuPiteR singleton in Leo...
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    Will my mother sell her hotel?

    Hello, I will take a stab at this chart but really, I'm pretty new at this. I was trying to learn relational horary first but now I have a pressing question. My mother, 73, owns a small hotel in Mexico. She "sold" it earlier this year but the buyers defaulted on their payments to her (she...
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    Will separating from my husband improve my life? I don't know how else to word this question. Will my separating (not divorcing) from my husband improve my life ie: make me happier? I mean this, in the long run. He is a good person and I think I am too, we are just not good together. Each of...
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    Marriage difficulties

    Lack of response, deleted
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    Turning a chart

    Hello, Is there a free software that can do this? Meaning if I want to make my 10th house my first, how can I do this? Do I have to print out my chart and physically just turn it... I know I can do this but I've seen turned charts online and I wondered if there was a free astrology software...
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    What can I do to make my project profitable for my investors? I recently developed a children's website that targets the mid-east. I've spent over 2 years designing it and orchestrating it's development. The site launched and I've become very stressed-out and lacking in confidence. I'm...
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    Does he miss me?

    Hello, The first time I asked this, over a month ago, the ascendant was too early. Please take a look at this chart. This person means a lot to me. I had to stop communication with him about 6 months ago. I didn't want to, and I miss him a great deal. I have often thought of approaching him...
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    General malaise, do not know why

    Hello, For the past couple of months I've been having difficulty with just about every facet of my life. I began to bite my nails, gain weight, have anxiety, etc. I just do not feel centered. I'm very fatigued and feel like the responsibilities of my kids, work, husband, house, mother are...
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    Casting a Composite chart, asteroids

    Hello, When casting a composite chart, which asteroids are noteworthy and should be included? ie: Eros, Psyche, Juno? If asteroids are not included, does it significantly effect the accuracy of the reading? Thanks
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    Juno, Jupiter and empty 7th house

    Hello, I have a 7th house Saggitarius which is empty. Since Jupiter is the ruler of Saggitarius I read that I was supposed to interpret this as Jupiter in the 7th. Given that, my natal Jupiter is in my 3rd house Leo and is exact conjuct Juno. Can someone please tell me how they would read...
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    Solar return = bday + transits???

    Hi, Am I correct in assuming that a solar return chart is basically a chart cast using the day/month of your birth for a particular year? Once it is cast it will show you that particular day's transits? Is this correct? If so it's just a birthday chart with that day's transits? Am I...