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  1. jill

    Will I finally receive the Child Support owed me?

    My daughter's father owes me close to $30,000 in back "court ordered" child support. He paid only 2 months when she was 1 yr old, then disappeared - never to be heard from again. I recently (after 16 years) was able to locate him. I plan on filing a "Lien Notice" on his financial...
  2. jill

    Eros conjunct Psyche "Double Whammy" between same gender

    How would a "double whammy" Eros conjunct Psyche play out in a "same gender" female relationship with both people being "straight"? I haven't met her as of yet, so I can't give any "first impressions" or feelings as to the interchange. I will be meeting with her for the first time next week...
  3. jill

    Synastry in Hiring an Attorney? What should I look for?

    I am needing to hire an attorney and need to know what are the BEST synastry aspects to have between my chart and that of my attorney? And which are the ones to avoid. The case involves Employment Labor issues (retaliatory termination and whistle blowing). There is a good chance the case will...
  4. jill

    When to begin extensive Dental Work?

    I am finally going to start some dental work that I have put off for years. Basically, I'm having total reconstruction done on my entire mouth that will cost around $15,000-$20,000. In Magi Astrology, transits of Saturn, the Saturn-Jupiter midpoint or the Saturn-Chiron midpoint to natal...
  5. jill

    Anyone know the orbs used in Magi Astrology TRANSITS?

    What degree orb does Magi astrology use when calculating transits? Is it the same 3 degree orb that is used for natal and synastry charts or are 'transits to natal' calculated differently? I'm trying to determine when my 'turbulent' Saturn transits are (magi calls them nuclear clashes and...
  6. jill

    Can you guess Dwight Howard's Rising Sign?

    Below is NBA player Dwight Howard. He is 6'11" tall, and just got traded to the LA Lakers basketball team. I couldn't find a birth time on him and thought maybe someone here might be able to give me some clues as to what might be his Ascendant or rising sign. His Sun conjuncts Uranus in...
  7. jill

    Can working with the mentally ill attract unwanted psychic attacks?

    I recently started a new job working as a care provider in a group home with 7 mentally challenged adults. I work 3 days on and have 4 days off. The job requires that I live on-site for the 3 days that I work, so I sleep in the same house (in my own private room) with the people that I care for...
  8. jill

    Is the 2012 galactic alignment affecting our planet's weather?

    It was 83 degrees where I live today. Normally, this time of year it's 23 - with ice and snow. I live in the smokie mountains and the winters here are rough. Ice, snow and frigid cold. But this winter it's barely gotten below freezing. I have to admit I'm not complaining, I've been loving...
  9. jill

    Whole Signs -vs- Placidus .....When should each be used?....& Why?

    I've read many differing opinions on the various 'house systems' and which ones 'work' better - But I'm still a little confused as to WHEN each house system should be used. When calculating the chart types below, should I be using - 'Whole' or 'Placidus'?.....Both?......or something different...
  10. jill

    Declinations & Rectification of the ASC degree - What do I look for?

    In a Marriage Chart, what planet's declinations would most likely 'match-up' (parallel or countra-parallel) with the Asc/Des or MC/IC declinations of the Natal chart? It would seem logical that 'something' on the wedding day chart would line up with the natal chart angles, (especially the 7th...
  11. jill

    Masculine/Feminine Signs - Do we attract what we lack in our own chart?

    Masculine/Feminine Signs - Are we attracted to what we lack in our own chart? I have alot of masculine energy in my natal chart. Four of my personal planets are in masculine signs, with Pisces rising, ruled by Neptune. Which means that my masculine energy has to express itself through a...
  12. jill

    Where is Bob Zemco?

    I have not seen Bob Zemco since sept 12 and have wondered about him. Did something happen? I've been reading alot of his postings just prior to his 'disappearance' and things were getting pretty ugly on those forums. (alot of moderator removals) Maybe he just got tired of it and left. If...
  13. jill

    Anyone care to guess this person's Ascendant?

    This is rapper, Kanye West. He's 34, 5'9", and was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, GA - Birth time unknown. Many have speculated that he has a Gemini rising. What do you think? (you can 'click' on the image to enlarge)
  14. jill

    Hades--2012--and Transisting Pluto....Is this going to happen to you?

    Hades, 2012 & Transiting Pluto....Is there a connection? Hades rules over disintergration, destruction, and death - those who are starving, destitute and on the edge of disaster. But it also rules over people who are Healers, Medical Doctors, Metaphysicians, Energy Workers, and Alternative...
  15. jill

    Rectification - Should I use 'Solar Arcs' or 'Primary Directions'?

    In rectifying one's birth I've read that Solar Arcs are used to time events that have occured. But then - I read somewhere else that Primary Directions are used. At first I thought these were the same thing. Then I calculated both on and found that many of the dates given, in both...
  16. jill

    Vedic Chart - See Anything interesting?

    Never had a Vedic reading - Don't know much about it. So I thought I'd post my chart and see what other's may have to say or if anything 'pops' out at first glance. I've posted 2 versions of Vedic Chart below.
  17. jill

    Pre-Natal Epoch and Natal Rectification Question

    I saw this topic on an older post "The Prenatal Epoch" (1-12-08) by Arian Maverick. "The main idea to remember is that the position of your Natal Moon is the position of the Ascendant in the Epoch chart, and the position of your Natal Ascendant is the position of the Moon in the Epoch...
  18. jill

    Is my Dad my real Father?

    I have always believed, in my heart, that my mother had an affair with my uncle and that I am his child and not the child of the man that raised me. I have confronted my mother on the matter a few times, and she denies it - but couldn't look me in the face when she asnwered and changed the...
  19. jill

    Has anyone heard of 'Castle' or 'Double Kite' configuration?

    Has anyone heard of 'The Castle' or 'Double Kite' aspect? I have one in my chart and can't find too much about it.
  20. jill

    Was my Mother having an Affair when I was conceived?

    I read somewhere that when the Moon is square Neptune in the natal chart that there was some form of deception regarding the mother. I have always believed, in my heart, that my mother had an affair with my uncle and that I am his child and not the child of the man that raised me. Would...