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  1. noouraz2

    2017 SR - Is there any job?

    Thank you I was hired in a job two days before my birthday ! :lol: Thanks !!
  2. noouraz2

    Will I move to another job?

    Thank you so much!! :surprised: I feel it coming :sad: <3
  3. noouraz2

    Will I move to another job?

    Thank you my friend. There is no problems in my current job it's just I'm not comfortable with my boss. We're not communicating very well. Thanks again!
  4. noouraz2

    Will I move to another job?

    Dear Astrologers Help me in reading my horary chart. Will I move to another job?? and when? :smile: Thank you.
  5. noouraz2

    Asc conjunct Asc in solar return!

    I am going through the same situation SR Asc conjuct Natal Asc It's a special year so far. I was born in Jan and alomst 4 months passed now! I got a job for the first time and my psychological state is getting better, I am doing a business now and it's going very well! Although, I have...
  6. noouraz2

    Am I facing a scandal in 2018 ???

    Dear Astrologers Please help... I am worried. Is there a scandal in 2018 waiting for me ???
  7. noouraz2

    am I going to change job?

    You mean hopefully I'll get it after month and a half??? or you're asking me?? Thank you!! :joyful:
  8. noouraz2

    am I going to change job?

    Dear all members. Please help me in answering my horary chart I am an employee and I want to change my job because I'm not comfortable at all. and I'm applying for many applications since few months but still no response I hope to change it soon, so .. will I get a new job? thank you so much ..
  9. noouraz2

    Is there any chance of traveling next year? 2017

    Hello. I am thinking of traveling next year and I really wanna know if that's gonna happen or not. Please help...
  10. noouraz2


    am I going to be famous in my country? is there fame? in 2017
  11. noouraz2

    Am I going to be engaged soon?

    yes I am in relationship.... kinda hidding it what do u see?
  12. noouraz2

    Indicators of the significant relationship in the Solar Chart

    I met a guy this year after my birthday on january2016, we loved each other and we're still together. It's a crazy relationship we both feel we're soulmates. My SR is libra (my 11th house from Natal Chart) but venus in 3rd I met him online and turned out he lives nearby. Moon in 7th I guess this...
  13. noouraz2

    Am I going to be engaged soon?

    Hello. I really need your insights on the chart... Will I be engaged from a guy soon? Thanks a lot.
  14. noouraz2

    will they hire me? important

    Thanks a lot Tikana
  15. noouraz2

    will they hire me? important

    Hello. I am about to send my cv and portfolio to a very well known company in my country and I'm very worried, I wonder will they hire me? and set a date for an interview? I really need the job. Thanks !!!
  16. noouraz2

    do you guys see inclination to music in my chart?

    Libras ascendants are into arts by nature, venus the ruler of libra (the art and music planet) is in the 3rd house (devices house) sextile jupiter (the expanding planet) - and jupiter is in your asc it's shining and attract luck to you (from musical insturments) and of course art. addition...