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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    Arain Maverick, I am sorry to hear your sad words that you are at the ‘’absolute lowest point of "worldly success, ultimate fulfilment, material satisfaction, and high ambition." I truly hope things get better for you. But believe me, 3 of those concepts – ‘’worldly success, material...
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    Next card : High Priestess tks Neptune Rising to me the high priestess is all about intuition, wisdom, secerts, females and the moon And in relation to my life at present i think it would suggest great personal change maybe coming!! Maybe i will meet a good teacher who will teach me...
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    hiya lightworker and welcome ;-))
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    FREE Fixed star ebook

    cool e-book thanks tora
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    hiya V welcome to the forum :-) best wishes Starreader
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    hiya Anna Its great to meet you and welcome to the forum. A big congratulations on getting your diploma certificate. Well done :-) best wishes starreader
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    Something about Scorpio-Moon?

    hi UniqueOrWeirdGemini Snap, i am Scorpio moon and Gemini sun and i identify with a lot of what you say and ask. This was an interesting thread. But all in all, i think it comes down to what you said With my moon in Scorpio and sun in Gem, i am sure we have a lot in common. Yet, i am also...
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    Scorpio and Mars

    i really like this description of Mars and Pluto by sign. It makes total sense to me - :smile:
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    Who killed Michelle?

    Yea thanks for the up-date- and i have to totally agree with and Rockfish. ''What a psycho''
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    Seeking knowledge

    hiya Alisia Its good to meet you and welcome to the forum. You are certainly in the right place for asking astrological questions. :biggrin:
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    Social anxiety and writing

    hiya Pryce It's great to meet you and welcome to the forum. I haven't got time to look at your natal chart properly atm, but for work and vocation elements - we usually look to the 2nd - 6th and 10th houses - and because u want to be a writer - look to see where and what Mercury is up to...
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    Happy 21st Birthday, Arian Maverick

    happy 21st Birthday - hope u have a great year ahead ;-))
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    Solarfire or Kepler

    hi Neptune Rising I have never used the Kepler software but i have used Solarfire. And i can say solarfire is easy to use and a flexible pro gramme. Plus, i think Solarfire gives you a free trial before you buy. Why not try that?
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    That time of year.

    god bless you piercethevale I will join you in prayer this coming week
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    hello everyone!!

    hi priyanka welcome :happy:
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    Chart of my friend who committed suicide

    Dear Vista, I am so very, very sorry to hear this sad news about your friend's suicide. This is so upsetting, it brought tears to my eyes. I am praying for her husband's and baby daughter's future. I pray that they will heal these intense wounds. Plus, I Pray for your Friends soul so that she...
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    Starting out .

    Hi Ronnie Rickner, Its great to meet you :biggrin: This is an excellent place to learn astrology. I am a beginner myself and the post here are an excellent way of learning. so, Looking forward to learning with you.
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    Pick the odd one out!

    My final answer and the deciding factors after taking into account the asc - sun and moon then 2nd 6 th and 10 th houses Chart 1 producer ie. cardinal t square- mercury's position Chart 2 animator ie. nice fifth house placements and mercury's position and Neptune's placement Chart 3 chef -...
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    Pick the odd one out!

    NOW I Know the placement of Ceres I would like to change my mind. :w00t: I will stick with chart 2 for the media person but I think that the chef is maybe chart 3 now instead of 1 What changed my mind? ...Chart 3 – fixed t square with Mars conjunct Ceres in Aquarius on the 7th house at the...