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  1. noouraz2

    Will I move to another job?

    Dear Astrologers Help me in reading my horary chart. Will I move to another job?? and when? :smile: Thank you.
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    Am I facing a scandal in 2018 ???

    Dear Astrologers Please help... I am worried. Is there a scandal in 2018 waiting for me ???
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    am I going to change job?

    Dear all members. Please help me in answering my horary chart I am an employee and I want to change my job because I'm not comfortable at all. and I'm applying for many applications since few months but still no response I hope to change it soon, so .. will I get a new job? thank you so much ..
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    Is there any chance of traveling next year? 2017

    Hello. I am thinking of traveling next year and I really wanna know if that's gonna happen or not. Please help...
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    am I going to be famous in my country? is there fame? in 2017
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    Am I going to be engaged soon?

    Hello. I really need your insights on the chart... Will I be engaged from a guy soon? Thanks a lot.
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    will they hire me? important

    Hello. I am about to send my cv and portfolio to a very well known company in my country and I'm very worried, I wonder will they hire me? and set a date for an interview? I really need the job. Thanks !!!
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    I've been told many time, I won't ever have babies.

    Hello all. here is my chart. I've been told a lot by different astrologers I won't have any babies. so please help I really love children. is it true? can anyone read children?
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    2017 SR - Is there any job?

    Hello astrologers I've graduated college 5 months ago and I haven't been accepted in any job although my GPA is really high but I don't know what is it with luck. I really wish to know what are some insights about 2017 SR Also, will there be any job? :sad: I really appreciate it. Thanks a...
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    Lost sim card

    :sad: I lost my sim card it's my number for my mobile It's very small and Idon't know where is it Where is it? I NEED IT :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:
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    Solar return of boyfriend. Is he going to travel?

    Hello all. This is amazing. In my boyfriend's solar return he has the same ascendant as in natal chart. (capricorn ascendant) I am concerned about his 9th house. is he going to travel abroad? we're in a relationship and I really don't want that to happen. I don't want him to leave. do you...
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    Are we going to marry each other?

    I have been in a relationship for 9 months and we really are in love and we want to live together.. we are planning to get married soon after he purposes me but I don't know if it's gonna work or not! please help me? are we going to get married? thank you so much for helping.... :sad:
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    Lunar Return Notes

    How can I connect my lunar return to the moon placement in my solar return chart how can I interpret , my moon in gemini but this year my solar return has moon in aries 7th house please help?
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    difference between progression and transit charts?

    please help........ what is the difference between progression chart and transit chart :crying:Im lost
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    Death of Spouse

    Hello all. I'm 24 yo and not married. I've been told a lot that my husband will die before my death and in an early age. around 30's approximately... astrologers and even palm readers! I really am confused and I need your help... what are the indicators? is it true? Thanks to anyone tries...
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    Is he alive? Missing autistic kid

    Hello all. A missing autistic kid (16 years old) has been lost for 5 days I made a thread before asking about him and my question was where is he? Now after some guys said they have seen him around I want to know if he's alive? so my question is (Is he alive?) :( Jubail city, Saudi...
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    Where is him? autistic kid !

    Hello my friends I really need your help..... A 16 years old kid has been lost since yesterday 11 pm in my city (jubail,saudi arabia) since now 2 pm the day after ! everybody is looking for him in the city!!! his family is in a sad bad state.... he is autistic and my question is where is he...
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    am I going to see him soon?

    Please help me. Am I going to see my boyfriend soon ? I need to see him he lives in the same city I live in but no luck for us. It's been months...
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    marriage .....

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    are we going to marry each others?

    I am in a relationship with guy that lives with me in the same city I am confused about our marriage and I really appreciate any help regarding that? Are we going to get married? thank you all.