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  1. StarReader

    Could astrology be a future career for me?

    Horary question - Could astrology be a future career for me? Hi everyone, this is the first time I have tried to read a Horary chart and would much appreciate some guidance if I have read it correctly. So, as I have always loved astrology and have lately been investing a lot of time trying to...
  2. StarReader

    BOOMERANG: good or bad aspect

    Hi everyone At present, I am trying to understand and apply the Boomerang configuration. So, using this chart as a hypothetical chart of a baby who has just been born, I was wondering what some of your interpretations would be. We have Mercury in Aqu. at the release point and the Yod being...
  3. StarReader

    Hi From StarReader

    Hi everyone I’m StarReader and I am really pleased to meet you all. My interests are, obviously, astrology, but I like Literature, history, horse-riding and loads, loads more. I am here to learn as much about astrology as I can. I was born in London, England, on the 24th may 1964. Exact...