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    Predominance in cadent houses

    Seems that the angular houses are the strongest, the most noticeable, and the cadent houses as the weakest. I have no planets in those houses, i have a predominance in cadent houses, specially a stellium in the 9th house. I also have a strong 12th house with Saturn in Aquarius and Moon in 3rd...
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    Uncle Sam wants you... To read my chart :p

    Hi, im new at this, i've been researching a little and i have some clues, but i want some others opinion about my chart. Im curious... What can you say about my chart??. And also what planets seem to be strongest. From what i know i think maybe Saturn, Pluto or maybe Mars, but im not an...
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    New scorpio (y)

    Hi people, im new at this, i know a little but i want to learn more about this so here i am, ready to share and learn :). Im from Chile (my english sometimes fails :unsure: ) And Sun/Scorpio, Moon/Aries and Rising/Pisces for the curious ones.